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Speech for Messenger Plus!

The Obviously Blatant

Update: If you're looking for this feature for Plus! Live, get the Speakit! Plus script.

I've been using Messenger Plus!, the highly popular free Windows/MSN Messenger addon, for about a year now. I was messing about with the Plugins SDK, and came up with this simple thing.

Basically, you and your friend install the plugin. You type "/xspeakit Good Morning!", and the text you typed is dictated on both computers.


Direct Download: Speech for Messenger Plus! (exe, 25KB)



If you have any problems with this plugin, feel free to contact me.


It's really simple, but I'll put it up anyway: VB6 source (zip, 3.6KB) (WTFPL)

The notify code used by this plugin is "RDMSP". Please avoid using it in your own plugins.


5th November 2004

Fixed minor bug with tags.