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RdPress is a weblog script that works as an RdMise application. It powers the blog on this site. Current features are:

  • Blog entry posting, editing, deleting.
  • Home page view with latest entries.
  • Per-entry comments, comments made by an admin are highlighted, IP address logging, comment counts on home page.
  • Trackback. Allows related blog entries on different sites to be linked in both directions. Trackbacks also log IP addresses.
  • Logging for received comments and trackbacks, very basic spam filters.
  • Mass-delete moderation for feedback.
  • Blog archive designed to be useful to humans and search engines with simple, permanent URLs.
  • Tagging system, theoretically compatible with Technorati.
  • RSS feed for posts, tag-specific RSS feeds, and a feedback RSS feed.


14th July 2006