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RdMise is a navigation script for In fact, you're using it now. Current features are:

  • Linked "Breadcrumb" navigation.
  • Hierarchy (tree structure) of page nodes used to generate menus.
  • XML site structure file.
  • Separate files for each page to make custom scripting easier.
  • Simple application API.
  • Simple MySQL connection code.
  • Administrative login using HTTP Digest Authentication.
  • Search application using the Yahoo! Search API.
  • RdCode - template tags and application inclusion.
  • Custom 404 Not Found page.
  • Logging for 404 errors, searches, and proxies.
  • Partial HTTP caching support.
  • Simple URLs with Apache's mod_rewrite.
  • Site design:
    • Conformant HTML 4.01 strict and CSS.
    • Looks best in Gecko 1.7+ (Firefox 1.0 and later), Safari 2, and Opera 9. Also works in Gecko 1.0 and Internet Explorer 6/7.
    • Compatible with text-only browsers and screen readers.
    • Separation of presentation from content, speeding up the site and making design changes easier.
    • Scalable/liquid - works at all resolutions.
  • Server-side code:
    • PHP, with XML and Curl extensions.
    • Tested with PHP4.4 and PHP 5.1 on Apache 1.3, Apache 2.0, and IIS 5.1.

I plan to release RdMise at some point, but for now I'm only testing. Ease of installation/setup needs a *lot* of work.


14th July 2006