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RDM Comix is a web script for webcomic sites. It is written entirely in the PHP language, and has been tested on the IIS 5.1 and Apache 1.x webservers. It uses MySQL to store its data, and can share a database with other scripts or other copies of Comix.

The original version of Comix was made in September 2003, and was written in ASP using a Microsoft Access database. Version 0.8 is now written in PHP and uses MySQL, meaning that it is platform-independant and should now run on any webserver.

Comix is the script currently used to host Philby4000's Comics on this server.

The latest version includes these features:

  • Images sorted into collections, with simple next/previous/first/last navigation.
  • Drop-down part navigation.
  • View All in one collection page.
  • Add notes and titles to collections and individual parts.
  • Ability to sort collections into categories.
  • Home page with news updates and random quotes.
  • News Archive
  • Links Page
  • Simple adding of Custom HTML Pages.
  • "Breadcrumb" navigation in top bar.
  • Simple hit counter, recording statistics including visitors' IP addresses and web browsers.
  • Custom icon support.
  • Error pages when an invalid item is requested.
  • Custom error page when MySQL is down.
  • Optional logo, tagline, and copyright notice.

Comix will eventually be replaced by RdPict.


19th April 2004