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I don't buy music.

Well, not usually. It's partly because I'm a cheapskate, partly because downloading is easier, and partly because I'd rather not fund the music industry in its current state.


I get to hear a lot of new music through podcasting. Podcasts are audio files, delivered automatically via RSS. Think of them as radio shows that anyone can create, download, and listen to when they want. There are thousands of podcasts on many different subjects, including music.

Check out AMP and the other music podcasts on my subscription list.


iRATE Radio is a program which I use to discover, download, and listen to new music. It's a very good example of "machine learning", in that it asks you to rate tracks and discovers your personal music tastes. By doing this, it can give you more of the music that you want to hear.

iRATE, and all the tracks on it, are legally distributed. iRATE harnesses a massive database of free mp3 downloads, most of which you'll never have heard before.

A few artists/bands I've discovered through iRATE and liked: Bastian, Penance For Heresy, Zeroday, NYCSmoke, Electric Frankenstein.


Legal Torrents has a lot of music which I'm listening to at the moment. I also have about 2.6GB of music from SXSW 2005.