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March 2008

Wii Elbow

Okay, that's the first and last time I plan on going near a Wii.

Still mulling over my uni choices. Might have made a decision, but then I'm changing my mind several times a minute on lots of things at the moment. Mostly depends what music I'm listening to at the time.

Got a date for my back operation. 16th April.

Went to pub wearing my xkcd regex shirt, which caused two random strangers to talk to me. This was pretty awesome.

So I connect to IRC this morning, and somebody else does /me yawns. Then I yawn for real. Dangerous, this Internet stuff is.

Result. (4)

Just a quick note because I've done it every other time so far. Got exam results. Summary: I'm pretty awesome, and feeling not at all modest. I have an A in Maths, unless I can somehow manage to score -5 marks in the May exam.

As for uni, got my last offer in UCAS Track yesterday. Ball's in my court.


  • Steps: even more endless.
  • City: also pretty big.
  • University: full of leaflets.

Not too much notable stuff happened last week. Cleverly hurt my foot jumping down some stairs at school on Friday, and hurt my eyes looking at the sun in a café on Saturday, but both were worth it. Tomorrow is result time for the January exams, and I'm feeling reasonably optimistic. Big things.

Went to Leeds Uni today. Pretty impressive, though all the steps didn't really help my foot. Interview was fun, had some mini-conversations about ChatZilla, parametric equations, and the Semantic Web. Got to draw a cube with my eyes shut, and play 3D tetris (though I'm sure you all know I prefer a different number of dimensions). Found that they teach Python in the first year, haven't decided whether that's a good thing or not.

On nerdiness: Just about the whole room raised a hand when "who's used Linux?" was asked. I'm sure I wasn't the only one amused when the Director Of Learning & Teaching referred to the helpers as "redshirts". I heavily considered asking how the "long room" got its name, but thought better of it.

No ducks to report.