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September 2007

BBC, Channel 4 in Scheduling Disaster

This Friday:

QI is on BBC Two at the same time (22:00) as The IT Crowd is on Channel 4. The IT Crowd also overlaps with another episode of QI on BBC Four at 22:30.

It's a tough decision, I'll probably watch QI for an hour then watch The IT Crowd on Channel 4+1. Not that I think anyone cares, I just wanted to point out that there's some decent TV on at the moment if you're, well, a geek like me. And really, it's not like you were going anywhere on Friday night, is it?

Charlie Brooker's brilliant Screenwipe is back on BBC Four next Tuesday, and whilst you're waiting, he would like you to know that there is no point. None. At all. Have a nice day.

What I want for my birthday.

  • A smile.
  • A handshake.
  • A hug.
  • An end to fucking pointless drama.

(Oh, and a new spine, but I doubt you'll find one of those in the shops.)


  • Had the MRI as planned on Monday, a strangely relaxing experience. They played this great new remix of Gwen Stefani's What You Waiting For? that was basically a few barely audible lyrics combined with loud mechanical noises from the scanner. At least I thought it was an improvement on the original.

    I'm actually glad they can't receive anything other than Viking FM in that block, 'cause otherwise I might have ended up hearing some good music and trying to dance inside the machine or something.

  • School starts tomorrow. I'm excited, but that'll only be because I want some change and I'm missing some of the people I haven't seen since July. I'm sure I'll be bored soon enough.

  • Played with the Technology Prev... uh... I mean, Alpha of Opera 9.5. While improved support for Selectors is cool (and makes xoxo work, yay), the most important item in the changelog is...

    Auto-scroll icon now appears where clicked instead of centered on the page

    ...because that was driving me nuts. Posting more about browsers is something I might end up doing, but so far I'm resisting because it seems like a stereotypical geek blog thing to do. Not that that's a good reason.

  • Over the past few months I've been gradually reading the HTML 5 spec. I don't want to say I'm "reviewing" it because that makes me sound more useful than I actually am. Still, I'm collecting "issues" in a text file, mostly typoes and comments like "need to read this again when I'm more awake". I'll probably send them somewhere else when I finish the spec and manage to convince myself they make sense.

  • It seems I disagree with my dictionary on the spelling of the word "typoes". I don't feel it matters.