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August 2007


The past few weeks, at least the parts of them where I've left the house, have been good. Figuring out my life one step at a time, and trying not to go too fast. Seen some people from school, some more than once, but hopefully that doesn't mean I'll have rumours to fight. :)

I understand a lot of people are in Leeds this weekend, hopefully they're having fun. Something or other about guitars, I'm not quite sure. ;)

Today I started on the Chemistry work we got set over the holidays. It's not too hard, and whilst there are some bits I'm pretty sure we haven't been taught, the main reason I'm struggling is that my brain is totally not functioning properly after six weeks of slacking. My hand also feels really weird 'cause it's far too long since I actually used a pen. :O

Also watched the first episode of series 2 of The IT Crowd, which was awesome. So awesome that watching somebody being pushed out of a wheelchair is now funny. :D

Got nothing planned on my calendar next week, unless you count watching telly. I've added "Stop watching Big Brother" to my todo list, which I estimate will be done... when the series ends on Friday. :|

The week after that is when school starts (on Thursday). Before that, on Monday, I'm off to the hospital for what I think is my fourth MRI, to see if anything's changed since the last one with regard to possibly maybe considering perhaps having a back operation. :S

Then, I have an appointment about my back on the 11th (yes, my birthday, woo), and I'm at Haematology on the 14th for the standard grope-and-vague-questioning routine. :/

Ooh, and the Wednesday after that is Talk Like A Pirate Day. But let's not plan too far ahead... :X


Yes, the title of this post is my AS results.

Yes, I did say I wasn't going to be big-headed about it.

Yes, I lied.

Anyway, if for some reason you want my unit scores, they're on my [tH] result page. Biggest surprises were Critical Thinking unit 2, pretty much all of Psychology (don't know how the hell that happened), and getting full marks* on both Maths papers, which I'm sure I'll never hear the end of.

*UMS marks aren't the same as raw marks, so I probably didn't actually get full marks on the paper, but there's no way to tell.

And on and on and on and on...

Not much to report, either in the world of the Internets or in real life.

Firefox 3 is still running pretty well, only crashing once or twice a day. I need to get around to filing one or two minor bugs. I reactivated my Facebook account but got bored before I could be bothered to find anyone I knew. Tried the Facebook apps stuff but that wasn't much more interesting and I couldn't get it to do what I wanted. Updated my contact page to be slightly more useful in the vague eventuality somebody wants to talk to me. 56 hours to go until results.

And, I'm up at 1am making a web app to track my todo list. There are several things wrong with that, I won't pick a specific one.

Public service announcement (kinda)

If you just got one of these leaflets through your door...

...asking for old clothes and other items, giving a collection day, quoting a company registration number and saying things like 'GOD WILL REWARD FOR YOUR GOOD HEARTS'...

...and are thinking of giving clothes to "Support and Help Limited" or "Helpmates Limited", please read the leaflet carefully before you do. Then don't.

There are plenty of organisations that do stuff like this without making personal profit. They have a valid charity number, and/or a company number you can put into WebCHeck and get back a non-profit result (LBG/NSC/S.30).

(On a slightly lighter note, the collection date on both leaflets is Monday, so if they are really two competing businesses then I'm thinking there'll be a bit of a race through the streets of Beverley to pick up bags of old clothes. Maybe it's just me that finds that image amusing.)

Current mood: awesome.

I am feeling awesome because I am wearing an xkcd t-shirt.

Also, I switched to Firefox 3. Most things seem to work, it's still a bit crashy but at least now I can see long tooltips.

Doctor's orders

If you see me slouching, you have to shout at me. Mmkay?

(Well, technically not doctor, physiotherapist, but they both have white coats so what's the difference?)

Nobody says a thing 'til you say so

Predictably, I downloaded the new Chance song (Finger on the Trigger Makes a Man Feel Bigger) as soon as I saw it was up. What I didn't expect was being the first person to do that, though I guess being 8 hours ahead time-wise helps.

I read the lyrics, then I read the backstory, then I read the lyrics again, and laughed. So true, but I'm fine with it. :)

Anyway, the song rocks just as much as the title does, though that is a slight problem when you have family. And neighbours. Like most of my music, this really doesn't like being played quiet.