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July 2007


In a carefully constructed order that I usually claim is "no particular order":

  • I haven't done much technically useful in the holiday so far. I did implement most of the HTML5 tokeniser algorithm in PHP, but that didn't really feel like work as the spec is refreshingly easy to follow. I used it to make some pointless stats, and am currently procrastinating implementing anything else.
  • As I posted before, I have a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow. It's good to have a valid excuse for my bad posture this time, but I don't expect that'll make things much easier.
  • As far as computers are concerned, I probably am getting too much Internets, proven by the fact I say "Internets" all the time, and the fact that this video makes me think "epic lulz". I'm trying to at least, if nothing else, get some fresh air and exercise this holiday.
  • Speaking of hospital, I'm back at haematology in September. A few days before that I have an appointment at the bone clinic on my birthday, which should be fun.
  • New Chance single is out on the day after tomorrow. Which if you're following my particular interpretation of deictic days is Tuesday. If not, then never mind, you probably just learnt a new word. I know I did. All of which has nothing to do with the song. The song is called "Finger on the Trigger Makes a Man Feel Bigger", and if the music is anything like the title it's going to be win.
  • Under 420 hours to exam results and the pressure's mounting... well, not really. I will be interested to find out how I did in Critical Thinking and Psychology though, since I have no idea how well I did. At least in my other subjects I have one decent module score, so I know how badly I'd have to do to fail based on that.
  • Still not sure how sane I am at the moment. Stuff's confusing, but hey, maybe with patience...

It's all just a little bit of...

So, around this time two years ago, I had a physiotherapy appointment, and was waiting for an MRI scan. I was waiting for exam results and was going to go back to school in September.

Physio's on Monday, MRI's a long wait as usual, and the rest is pretty much the same.

List of things I learnt from watching the by-election coverage last night

  1. The Loony Party needs a policy on diets.

On a slightly more serious note, it was interesting when the BNP candidate in Sedgefield started to make a speech and most of the other candidates left the stage, just leaving Howling Laud Hope grinning behind him. At least one of them was intending to be a loony.

Different seasons

Yesterday was the last day of school, so I guess it's officially summer now. Not that the weather forecast agrees.

I'm not sure how I feel about Year 12 being over. It couldn't exactly have lasted longer, and there's still Year 13 to go, but it still feels like this ending is some sort of milestone. I've had a fucking awesome time, loved ev... uh... the majority of the minutes. I've learned plenty of stuff about myself, and met loads of amazing people who I think understand me better than I do.

It's all I could have asked for and more, really. Which isn't actually saying much, as I couldn't have asked for anything, or wouldn't have been able to, or wouldn't have the words to ask for something I didn't know existed, or because I'd have been as confused as you are reading this sentence.

Now, I need to work out what I'm going to do for the next 8 weeks. I figure the first week is the Standard Laziness Entitlement, and then I'll have to devote some time at the end to doing homework and retrieve everything I've forgotten. Whatever else I do between is fine, as long as I don't have to get a job.

So far my schedule is just a physiotherapy appointment some time in the next few weeks and exam results day on 16th August. I'm still using Lightning, and the calendar part is pretty empty. Nice full todo list, though...

Copy Citation for Thunderbird

I was making a page for the HTML WG wiki, and one of the requirements there is that pages link to all relevant emails. Now, I couldn't think of a quick way of doing it, so I did it manually.

"There must be a better way..."

I made an extension called Copy Citation that adds a menu item to Thunderbird that copies message data in a user-defined format. Currently the format is set via a hidden pref, and there are a few other things I want to change, but I think it's okay for a public release - and hey, it's not like anyone else is really going to find it useful...

I'm both proud of and surprised by the fact that my formatting code works. If I'd been using this before, I'd have used the format " * [{id} {subject}], {}, {}". id, subject, from, and date are the properties of the message, while .name and .date are filters that strip addresses and format as a date respectively.

So, yeah. That's what I spent my spare time doing this weekend. Now is about the time when somebody pops up and points out an easier way to do it, but I enjoyed myself making this anyway. I'd forgotten how much fun Mozilla coding is, and how rewarding it is when you finally win the fight to make it work.

I plan to write another ChatZilla plugin, do a couple of ChatZilla patches, and make a small Firefox extension some time soon.

<3 DeadBrain

I don't normally do this, but:

City known as 'Hull' exists; has been flooded - shock revelation

[...] The revelation came when angry people in the waterlogged city managed to get word to the outside world, and more specifically the national media. A reporter with waders was immediately dispatched to find some puddles, but Hull only received government attention when civil servants accidentally left the television on BBC One after Wimbledon and caught some of Show and Tell with Natasha Kaplinsky (formerly the Six O'clock News). [...]


Numbcast is back again, again. Again.

Microphone quality is terrible and some bits in the links were lame, but the music is good and we (Joe, Alison, Smiddy, and I) had fun doing it.

So now the Internet has another 53 minutes' worth of our crap. :)

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