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May 2007


I'm back to "kind-of" revising, though 1am probably isn't the best time to be doing it. Gone back to doing my summary notes after the joy of never needing to do psychology again wore off. Nearly finished chemistry, then I'm going to print them off and try to revise away from all the lovely distractions the Internets have to offer.

Big Brother started again, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not watching it. This year brings its fair share of nutcases, who (so far) are all female (allegedly). The house itself is probably exactly how I would design it. Bath in the living room, oven in the bedroom, fridge in the garden. Utter genius.

Mozpad had a meeting today. The goal was to figure out how to figure out what the goals should be. I'm playing "wait and see" mostly, because I'm not even sure what I want, and I don't think I could really contribute much useful to the project.

I got a few responses to the [tH] hair poll, but nothing conclusive, so I think it's a decision I'll have to make myself. :/

[tH] hair

Cliquez ici «[tH] hair» s'il vous plait.



So Psychology is over. Exams went great, good, and okay-ish, in that order.

Been thinking, though I'm not quite sure what about. Something to do with things ending, and other things beginning. How one thing in life always seems to lead on to another, yet looking two steps ahead isn't allowed. It's cheating, I guess.

End of the school year leads on to exams. And exams, for me, lead on to another year at school. But for others, they lead on to the Real World - a whole load of unknowns that I'm glad I have another year to prepare for. Not that I'll feel ready this time next year, but procrastination is still my way of doing things.

Though I suppose there is a case at the moment where I can see two steps ahead. I'm going to watch the end of Lost series 3 soon, and I'm pretty sure that's going to lead on to several months of frustration waiting to know the answers to questions I didn't even know existed...

Necrophiliac Substitution

I'm impressing myself by actually revising for my exams. Though I did fulfil my time-wasting quota by adding an iCalendar file to that page.

At the moment I'm trying to condense my notes to one side of A4 per exam, glossing over the bits I find easy and explaining in detail the bits I don't actually remember being taught. (That in itself isn't surprising, it's accurate in some cases.) I've done Physics and Maths, which were handy excuses to play with OO.o Math, which is actually pretty good. It exports MathML, so I can do stuff like this:


...and likely have it fail on everyone else's computers, but that's not the point. Not that I know what the point is, but it's not that...

So I'm revising. At least I think I am, and I have the meticulously arranged bulleted list outlines to prove it. Would help if I wasn't concentrating on anything but the Psychology exam on Friday, though.

Oh, and the title is what wanted to change one of my Chemistry headings to. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed it's not a Googlewhack.

XULRunner is dead

To me, at least.

The official statement basically means XULRunner 1.9 is going to be even less than XULRunner 1.8.0 was. With 1.8.0 there were "developer preview" binaries for 3 platforms made available. XULRunner 1.9 is going to be... wait for it... a tag in CVS.

As far as my ChatZilla packages are concerned, this means that in 18 months' time I'll still be telling people to download XULRunner 1.8.0, run a few shell commands, install ChatZilla, and make their own shortcuts. It'll probably limit the number of users, which is a shame, but I don't have the resources or the time to build my own XULRunners. It's also not really an option for me to package the app directly with XULRunner, which makes every ChatZilla build 33MB upload/webspace for me and at least 7MB download for every user, when ChatZilla itself is less than 300KB.

I know, I'm being dramatic with the title. I'm not really owed anything here, and I suppose there's still hope for a "community" effort, but I am disappointed that XULRunner won't be what I thought it could be.

If it ain't broke...

So I joined the HTML Working Group. It's basically open to anyone, and the main reason I joined was because I'd been keeping up with the mailing list via the archives, and wanted to subscribe so I could read it in Thunderbird. Apparently to receive list messages you need to join the group and agree to the legal stuff, but sending to the list is unrestricted. Whatever.

I doubt I'll be contributing much, so it's a good job there's no minimum participation requirement in the charter. I wouldn't be surprised if I end up posting some poorly thought out arguments on the mailing list, not that's there's a shortage of those at the moment.

On Monday, it was a bank holiday and I had too much time on my hands with nothing to do. I read the definitions of strong, em, b, and i in the WHATWG spec, and found I understood something in a specification, which is always handy. As a result of those two things, I checked every instance of bold and italic formatting in my blog archive and made their markup consistent. Yeah, I'm that obsessive.

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm posting this. Or what the post title actually means. I might end up posting more HTML-related stuff here, I might not ever mention it again. Last day of school is Friday, so I'll have more free time for stuff like that, but I should probably use it to revise for my exams rather than blogging/lurking.

Also, I smell pizza.

Just in case anyone cared...

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is now in Conservative control. The council's website has a detailed record of votes, though I wouldn't be surprised if that page disappears eventually.

John Bird (Liberal Democrat), Bryan Pearson (Conservative), and Kate Gray (Independent) won the three seats available to my ward. Councillor Bird got the most votes with 1760, but the other Lib Dem candidates only got 1165 and 888. Not sure why so many people would use one vote on an incumbent party candidate, but put their other two allowed votes somewhere else, but I guess they can do what they like...

Ooh, and I just noticed, Kate Gray only kept her seat by two votes. Not that it makes any difference to the result, I just like being a number geek.

At school, Dan Thompson won the head boy vote with Alex Maraveyas as runner-up (becoming the deputy).


Decisions are hard enough as it is. I suppose I shouldn't expect them to be much easier when they take the form of ticking a box on a bit of paper. I get a vote in two elections this week, and I'm not exactly sure which is more important.


Polling day for the local council elections is Thursday, and I feel like I want to vote, but I'm not sure why. I think it's partly so I can say I did, but that doesn't seem like a good reason to do anything. I don't really feel like the local government affects me much, though I admit I'm a bit short-sighted* and I'd probably be pissed off if the rubbish wasn't collected, or something...

We've got some nice glossy leaflets from candidates (and one on recycled card from the Greens), but most of the statements are either obvious ("doing the best for Beverley", "listening to you") or stuff I selfishly don't care about (car parking, evil invading high-street shops). Then there are a few independents who have no policies but say they'll listen to all input and just represent the people. A noble aim, but it requires further effort on my part to make sure my vote means something, and I'm still pretty lazy. What, an X is two pen strokes?

As far as parties go, this area is a choice between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. I know very little about the local Conservatives, except that our MP annoys me for no particular reason, and, well, they're Conservatives. So unless any of the independents manage to convince me they're organised and not just retired with nothing better to do, I'll probably vote Lib Dem. (Labour is basically non-existent, they hold 3/20 local seats and I haven't actually heard/seen anything from them.)

* Figuratively. Also literally, but that's not the point.


Tomorrow is the day for a different campaign, though. The staff and lower sixth form at Beverley Grammar School have to elect a new head boy. Well, the boys in the sixth form do. I'm still not sure whether that's sexist or not, since it is really a boys' school. (The High School has a head girl, picked by teachers.)

The current head boy is Jonathan Griffin, who was no stranger to winning popularity contests. There seem to be a lot of candidates this year, and I've no idea yet who'll have my vote, though several people seem to think they do.

The head boy does get some influence over the running of the school, but the factor I'm considering most is how they'll end up representing the school, and to some extent the sixth form. Basically I don't want the rest of the school taking the piss 'cause of who we picked, and avoiding that might require some strategic voting... ;)