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April 2007

Stuff (23)

In the time since my last post, several little things that don't justify their own post happened. Also, I was lazy.

  • Got my online banking sorted out. Third time lucky. It seems like anyone who figures out my user name can make 3 login attempts and get my account locked, which makes no sense to me. Also got a PayPal account, which is something of an Internet necessity nowadays.
  • MC Frontalot CDs arrived yesterday, and they are awesome in seventeen-and-a-half different unexplainable ways.
  • Loliserv got an upgrade to Debian Etch, which was scary even though all I was doing was lurking in an IRC channel waiting to see if it booted.
  • I got partial .mar files working for ChatZilla on XULRunner. The update-packaging scripts needed a couple of changes to work, but I've no idea if that was down to my Cygwin being broken. The biggest .mar I made between versions was about 30KB, which I'm sure I'd appreciate if I had, say, a million times the current user count.
  • As far as school goes, just under two-and-a-half weeks left to exams. And even if I hadn't already, I've definitely lost all tolerance for stuff I don't care about. Not that I'm mentioning any specific subjects like Psychology and Critical Thinking or anything.
  • Numbcast presented last weekend's Sunday Live in an effort to stop people leaving in-between bands. It kind-of worked, but most of the crowd hated us.
  • Been watching Lost. What. The Fuck.

...and probably something else I forgot that's equally inconsequential.

Stuff I achieved today

  • Took my maths books out of my school bag where they've been for the past week or so, and put them in front of me on the desk so it looks like I might be about to open them and start working any minute now.

Day not found

Today* was a lot of nothing and nothing of a lot.

I finally got a proper bank account set up. Never realised money was so complicated. Okay, well, I'd guessed it would be, but until now I've been conveniently avoiding it. So now I have a current account, a mini-ISA, a web saver, and probably something else I've forgotten.

Passport, check. Bank account, check. "Mr" in front of my name everywhere, check. I think all I need to do now to feel like a real person is vote, and I'll probably get to do that next month.

I'm on Easter holiday from school, supposed to be doing homework and revising, but haven't done any work yet. Unless you count writing a todo list as work. If you ignore the days where I definitely won't do anything that makes it about half way through the holiday, so, maybe tomorrow...

I also wrote my first ChatZilla patches in quite a while, managing to break everything with a 3-line change. It's fixed now, I think I got away with it... ;)

*Using the Hixie English definition. My sleep patterns are fucked.


I finally bothered to switch to Firefox 2, and it wasn't so bad. Seems I waited long enough such that nearly all the extensions I have already work - Delicious Delicacies being an exception, but one not really fixable as the Firefox 2 options no longer explain what cookies are anyway.

One thing I still can't stand, though, is the new default theme. I'm currently using Opaque to fix the washed-out icons, and some custom CSS to make the toolbar buttons, location bar, and tabs native again. It's still a bit unsightly, but much more bearable than the default setup.

I'm resisting the urge to do a "my Firefox extensions" post here, and I think I'll do so for a little bit longer. I will, however, mention that I installed the Lightning extension in Thunderbird recently, though I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, it's a nice calendar, but I don't have any events to put on it, nor any real aims for the todo list...

Oh, and I'll put this site back to normal in the morning. This style deserves a bit more of an "airing" since the site was down half the day. :| Changes Site Design To Better Service Target Audience

Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.

This error has been forwarded to's technical group.

Okay, I'm not even going to pretend this is anything serious. Fact is, I'm going to change my site design to something stupid and/or annoying every April 1st until it stops amusing me. Which will be a while.

Anyway, today happens to be MySpace, except without the tables. I guess the "seed" was sown a few weeks ago when MySpace was giving me errors for just about everything, and last week when I got "the function you are trying to use has been temporarily disabled" trying to log in.

So yeah. Probably asking for it to use a template with a fake error message when I've been having real problems with the site over the past few days, but I kinda like tempting fate sometimes.