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March 2007

And then it broke.

Having some weird problems. Everything was down for a few hours, but I think tundraH/chatzilla.rdmsoft/Numbcast are all working now. I'm currently trying to figure out what's up with this site, so don't be surprised if you see a few more 500 errors.

Edit (Sat 31st): Looking good now, support gets results eventually. Please comment if you notice anything broken on any of my hosted sites.

Event horizon

I sort-of observed Shutdown Day yesterday. I say "sort-of" because it wasn't really for any larger reason, and I didn't do anything particularly useful instead of sitting in front of the computer. Still, it was nice to prove I'm not totally Internet-addicted.

So I get back online this morning, clear out some spam, check my feeds, find this warning and predictably ignore it. Some time later, and I've undone all the good I did organising my maths notes yesterday...

That's where my life seems to be at the moment. At one point acting like I'm thinking logically, being sensible, planning stuff. Then at another just wasting my time. I realise I don't really plan ahead at all.

I was trying to think of the furthest away decision that I'm considering at the moment is, and it's probably what to have for lunch tomorrow. That's bad, isn't it?

In 25 words...

  • Stressful week. Hope it doesn't repeat.
  • New Numbcast. Should buy music.
  • Behind on Lost. Three left.
  • Sunday Live this weekend. Requisite distraction.
  • I'm writing. Something.


Quick update on my physical state - had a hospital appointment this week, found out that they've started doing kyphoplasty operations in Hull. Depending on how complicated the doctors think my case is - as decided at one of these mysterious monthly meetings - I could be getting one in the next few months.

Apparently it isn't done under full anaesthetic, and I'll be able to walk out of there that afternoon. Which is nice, but then I'll kinda have to go back to school the next day...

Result. (2)

I originally wasn't going to do this because I didn't want to appear smug and arrogant. But I did it before, and since I am, in reality, pretty smug and arrogant:

A. A. A.

...of course, these are only AS unit scores, which count for about one-sixth of an A level. To reflect their relatively small value I've taken to calling them "Advanced Subsidiary Subsidiary", which I think you can guess the acronym for.

Edit: Almost forgot. Fuck you, ALIS test.