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December 2007

Happy Winter-is-crap-so-let's-all-get-drunk-mas

Merry Christmas, joyeux Noël, zalig kerstfeest, Весела Коледа, Feliz Navidad, メリークリスマス, Frohe Weihnachten, veselé vánoce, Nadolig Llawen, С Рождеством Христовым, mele Kalikimaka.

(Where the "Merry" part is more important than the "Christmas" part.)

I do still find it a bit strange to be wishing people well just because it's December, or a round number of years since their birth, so maybe I should try to remember to do it the rest of the time as well.

But for now, please, everybody reading this, have an awesome time today and at least for the rest of the year, whether you're celebrating anything specific or not.


Just about recovered from the registry running away on the old computer. The one I'm using now is actually newer - I'd been meaning to move stuff over for a while but nothing was forcing me to...

It wasn't as disorientating switching computer as I thought it'd be - as long as I have access to this server and an IRC client I feel pretty much at home. The rest of my life is stored in my Mozilla app profiles, so once I got those copied over I was fine. Now I just need to find the Windows CD for this computer, and the file with the list of stuff I need to blog about...


Computer died. Registry evaporated. Hard drive limping. Rescuing files. Mostly offline. Email/text if you need me. Might change OS.

(This reads best if you pronounce the punctuation. And also pretend I was really typing it in a rush, and not carefully composing it for some lame effect.)

Oh, and Windows Product Activation can go fuck itself.