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January 2007

Break break break break

Feeling tired. Either I'm getting more homework than usual, or I'm becoming less tolerant of retarded questions. Not sure which.

Since I'm too lazy too think of a better adjective, I'm just going to say yesterday's Sunday Live was very good. Just about all the Numbcast crew was there, though we spent most of the time in the dungeon* recording interviews with the bands and making sure the live tracks were recording. I don't know what the quality is like, but as long as it's vaguely audible it'll be up to Numbcast standards and should be released over the next few weeks.

* - Well, one of the basement dressing rooms. "Dungeon" used for sarcastic/ironic** effect.

** - Delete as appropriate, I'm too tired/lazy to work out which.

I also got home today to find my Chance CDs had arrived. Chance is an indepedent artist from California whose music I've been hearing on podcasts for a long time. I can't really put in to words why I like his music, but it's probably some combination of the variation in music style and the fact the lyrics have meaning that I (at least in part) identify with.

So I finally decided I needed to buy the CDs (three of them, 5 singles each). A week later and miraculously neither customs or the Royal Mail managed to lose it. Opened it to find one of the CDs signed and a couple of free stickers, which is pretty cool.

The tracks that mean the most so far are probably Percy's Song, There Won't Be A Next Time, and Pause But Don't Stop, though I've only really listened through once so two of those could change. :)

Overall, I'm incredibly glad music (and good music at that) exists. But, well, I suppose if it didn't exist someone would invent it pretty quickly. It's important. What I'm trying to say is, music is one of the things that keeps me going, makes me feel alive. Not the only thing, but part of it. Part that shouldn't be underestimated.

If that sounded weird, feel free to ignore it. Kthxbai.

A sad day for the Internet.

Googlebombs have been defused. Precious minutes of pointless amusement lost. :(

They killed "miserable failure" and "weapons of mass destruction", though on the plus side we still have "french military victories".

PS. We sing about tea.

The next edition of Numbcast is now up. Patent randomness includes foam, tetris, and the Whisk.

Most of the music on the 2007-01-23 show is from local bands, which is cool. Denacious Tea have a good sound, though I wouldn't be able to comment on the lyrics, being a lifelong ateaist (see what I did there).

SubStandard Jack have a pretty different sound in studio compared to live - you can hear the lyrics, for one.

Alison Angus don't really need my compliments, but this paragraph is just here to remind me to quit being cheap and buy their EP.

Poppa Nutley sound good at first impressions, I'll be looking forward to hearing more of them at Sunday Live this Sunday, where we'll also be trying to get some interviews stuff recorded.

Oh, and since I haven't posted in a little while, I'll summarise: the maths exam was okay, rain is good, and most of year 12 aren't evil, honestly. :(

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A whole load of nothing

  • Chemistry/Physics exams (Thursday/Friday) were easier than I'd expected, though I guess I shouldn't be complacent. I've dropped about a grade's worth of marks in past papers on silly mistakes before. :|
  • Maths exam tomorrow. See above. Though this one's 90 minutes long and non-calculator, I think I'll be fine...
  • Don't really remember what I did on Saturday - whatever it was it wasn't productive. I think far too much of it was spent browsing ED.
  • Yesterday I noticed DNSstuff were charging for full access to their tools. I was wondering how hard it'd be to write something like that, so I decided to make a web-based DNS lookup my first proper Python script. I'd been procrastinating Python for far too long.

    It turned out there was already a decent DNS library for Python (PyDNS), so my work consisted mostly of guessing how zones work and fighting with Python's CGI support (which leaves a lot to be desired, IMO). Whilst I didn't think I'd be a fan of Python syntax, I actually ended up liking it. Most of the problems I came across ended up with me finding something in the standard library that did exacty what I wanted, introspectable from the prompt so I didn't have to search through endless web pages.

    Admittedly, my code still sucks, and if I put it up publicly there'd probably be a million and one ways to break it with dodgy input, but it was still fun to code and I'll definitely be using Python for something in the future.

  • Today I was bored, so I made my MySpace profile green and added another Internet Disease photo.
  • I also changed my logo for no particular reason. Don't try to read any meaning into it - it's just a triangle with an arrow on it. Really, any meaning I might claim it has was added after I'd made it with random lines in Inkscape. Just in case you were wondering: yes, I like green.

Oh, and Psychology sucks. Just needed to say that.

A good start.

From: "UCAS Media"
Subject: Finding the right course for you...

Dear (Recipient First Name),

So I suppose the "right course for me" is studying for a (Qualification) in (Subject) at (University Name) then.



Got exams this week, and I have the feeling I'm going to do extremely well or extremely badly. One of the two.

I did revise a bit over the Christmas holidays, though mostly it was an excuse to sit on my own and do some of that dangerous "thinking" stuff again. It's kind of hard to tell, but I think I'm getting things sorted. Granted, I still don't know "what the hell I'm doing", but I've managed to convince myself there's a reason somewhere, which is progress compared to the last six years or so.

I've been writing notes to myself a lot. Putting my thought processes into words actually helps a lot more than I thought it would. Though I find I'm constantly thinking about the possibility of somebody else reading it, that's outweighed by the fact that I can read it in the future. I managed to figure out a real new year's resolution, and realize a couple of important things.

In a way, it's kind of replaced this blog. I'm not writing much about personal stuff any more, and I'm not really doing anything technically interesting at the moment (though I did just give my Firefox build env a test after a few months idle - compiler upgrade and a few kicks in the right places and it's fine). When I first started this I thought I might want to be a "blogger", but it turns out I'm just some guy with a blog.


2004 was cursed from the start.

2005 I liked for no specific reason, but the ending kinda spoiled it.

2006 was going to suck, but the ending saved it.

Still, I'm left with a whole load more questions than answers and I'm no less confused about anything.

Here's hoping for a 2007 that's unlike any set of 12 months before it.