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September 2006

My head hurts

Would it be too nerdy to say that after this week's chemistry lessons my brain feels like it's in a d-orbital?

Taking that as a yes. But it's the sort of pathetic thing I can't resist using once I've thought of it.

To be fair, it's not just chemistry, in fact it's not really any subject specifically, it's just trying to study them all at once is proving painful. Titration, ecological validity, surds, theory of mind, quadratic graphs, ionization energies, critical angles, deductive arguments, antineutrinos. With only five minutes inbetween lessons to "switch gears". Argh.

Full Geek Mode

Not got much to do. Sixth form's just about becoming routine now. Other stuff I'm doing:

  • Making a few minor edits to my about page, and adding a really crap photo to it.
  • Catching up on my feeds. Pretty hard to do that from school, since they seem to have randomly blocked half the sites I read. :|
  • Posting a minor ChatZilla patch for a bug that was my fault anyway, and waiting for another thing that was my fault to get fixed in a release. Isn't software fun?
  • Watching with a total lack of surprise as the new Firefox theme* landed on trunk and two things happened which I'd been expecting from the start. Meh, not my problem.
  • Thinking about writing some more useful ChatZilla Plugins now that Gijs Kruitbosch removed my excuse for staying away from stuff that touches menus. I particularly want to write a plugin for BitlBee, because whilst it's nice to have IM contacts looking like a standard IRC channel, I do miss having easy menu access to start group chats, etc.. I'll need to think about it a bit more.
  • Also to do with BitlBee, just found an interesting-looking patch that adds a couple more MSN features. Need to see if it compiles on Windows.
  • Declaring "Internet-scale silliness" my phrase of the week. That is all.

*Incidentally, what's up with glass effects? I've always thought they looked like the result of somebody trying to fit a gradient fill into a 256 colour palette, personally. I guess it's just me that wants to pay more attention to websites than what the shading effect on the back button is...

You don't really need to know...

...but I made an about page anyway. I'm still not sure how much or little I want to be saying, and I might end up removing it, but I think it'll do for now.

Looking back

I started writing an "About Me"-type webpage today. It's nothing special, and I do my usual thing of making pathetic joke references whilst avoiding giving useful information, but that's not surprising.

I've been reading some of my old blog posts from September and October 2005, trying to figure out my state of mind back then. I also decided to resist the urge to correct the typing errors on my phone-entered posts - it's hard to explain, but those posts are done with now, kinda like they're part of history, typoes and all.

Hmm, profound? No? Shut up now? K.

Nowhere, idiot.

Argh. I'm so much of a fucking pedant I can't even stop picking on myself.

It's a pretty cloudy night, and I just looked out the window. I thought to myself: "Where on Earth is the Moon?".


One week in...

...which is longer than I lasted in 2005, so I suppose everything from here is profit.

Lessons are reasonable so far, people are cool, and teachers' jokes... haven't changed*. I think I can manage this.

  • Maths is a lot of [home]work, but I guess I'm lucky that I find it relatively easy. There's still a load of new stuff I don't have a clue about.
  • Chemistry and Physics are okayish, but when they're next to each other on my timetable and both teaching the same thing with different... uh... nomenclature, it hurts.
  • Psychology really does seem to start off as it means to go on (hard), but I think I have just the right amount of warped cynicism to be interested in it.
  • The "enrichment option" is stereotypically "not a real subject", but all the choices look like a lot of work. Critical Thinking itself is a full AS level, helpfully taught in half the number of lessons as the other subjects. Somewhat like Psychology, I probably find it interesting because I like proving people wrong. ;)

*Well, at least not for the better. Heh.

Happy Birthday, have a questionnaire on me.

Happy vBulletin Forum Birthday Reminder Day to me.

I got a birthday card and letter from Graham Stuart, MP for Beverley and Holderness. The 18th birthday card shows a night view of London with the Palace of Westminster's clock tower illuminated. The letter is on House of Commons headed paper:

Dear Mr Marshall

As your MP I am determined to make sure that the views of young people are heard and not ignored. Whatever your political allegiances please let me know how you think our area and our country could be improved so that I can better represent your views.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey on the back of this sheet...

Being serious for a minute (and by "serious" I mean the "Monster Raving Loonies won our school election" kind of serious), I think this kind of thing is generally positive. It does tend to infer, though, that my opinion didn't matter before today... meh, thought that counts.

Then there's this MPact thing that loses points for being on MySpace in the first place, not to mention trying to play Coldplay at me. Oh, and the URL was wrong in the letter. I think I'll pass.

One of the questions read 'What is you [sic] opinion on University students in England and Wales being charged £3,000 a year in top-up fees?', with the choices For, Against, and Unsure. I chose 'Against' and wrote 'duh.' under it.

Fine, I agree.

My hair is darker. Now will everybody stop mentioning it? :|


So, Wednesday. The day when I get put in groups with random people who I only really know as "the year below". It never stopped being strange, but I think I'll manage.

What has been annoying me recently, though, is a certain television show about an island. Whilst I can just about manage to wait a week between episodes, it's only a few weeks until series 2 ends here. Then series 3 starts in the US the week after, and reading anything on the Internet becomes unsafe again. Bah.