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June 2006

Oh, and also.

A list of things that I've wasted my time on wouldn't be complete without "deleting spam". Spam in email, spam on newsgroups, spam on IRC, spam on this site.

The email stuff doesn't bother me too much. Most of it gets caught by Thunderbird, and when it doesn't I just hit J and get on with my life. What bothers me is when the odd message gets past my spam filters on this site, and anybody who happens to hit the home page for a few hours sees "Last comment by Penis Enlargement".

Out of 1000 spam messages so far this month, 18 got through. I suppose that's pretty good, but it still annoys me that I can't make it perfect without blocking or moderating real comments. I'll probably just remove the last comment bit from the home page, since I doubt it's useful to anyone but me, and I have the feed. There'll still be a chance of a search engine hitting the page at the wrong time, but then it's not as if I'll ever allow HTML links anyway...

Dead Air

So I didn't post anything for a bit.

I'd like to say I was doing lots of productive stuff, but, well, meh. Closest things to that have been:

  • Getting bug 339213 fixed for XULRunner
  • Releasing my XULRunner version of ChatZilla 0.9.74 with update support, which will make things much easier for people once is out.
  • Writing a new ChatZilla plugin (TinyURL). Doing that reminded me how much fun working with ChatZilla is, at least compared to other programming.
  • Playing around with creating XPCOM components. I got one working, though I really don't understand linking yet.
  • Starting on a new website style. Yes, I finally got bored of this one. Especially this font. After about 18 months going through minor changes and making it uglier each time, I decided to rewrite the CSS from scratch. I'll post more about it later.

It's weird. It sometimes seems like the longer I leave this blog without posting, the harder it is to figure out what to post when I do start again. I suppose I can post what I like, but it still feels strange.