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October 2006

Do I fail yet?

Pathetic web idea #246: Make your site orange and act like you care about halloween.

Anyway, one day left of half term now, and as predicted I didn't really do anything useful. Well, unless you count homework, which I don't.

Also as predicted, the Oxjam concert was well worth going to. Alison Angus win for best abuse of a violin bow, and Lorca win for still playing an amazing set despite the fact everything was running late and nearly everybody had gone home. The next Numbcast is going to be featuring Alison Angus (Birchy + Josh) with an interview and "live" music - a first for Numbcast. Well, unless you count Crap Rap, which I don't.

Overall, the past week has been good, considering... stuff I won't go into. For once I feel like I can easily manage a few more weeks at school, that I can get past the stress that everybody seems to exude, that I can focus on stuff that's worth me changing rather than stuff that I can't.

I honestly don't know if that sounds contrived or not. Maybe the fact that I'm wondering if it's contrived means it is. Some of it is true, at least. I'll see how long it lasts.

Faith in humanity... fading...

There is a "Deal or No Deal" board game. This disappoints me.

Half-term todo

Still working on the (pretty flawed) logic that if I write down stuff I'm more likely to do it:

  • School stuff
    • Got homework in physics, maths, and chemistry. Nothing too difficult, just a load of "stick these numbers in the formula, only we're not telling you which formula and you'll probably get it all wrong for not realizing we said kilograms anyway". Fun.
    • Need to re-read particle physics notes. I really don't think I understand this stuff and I'm not sure anyone else does...
    • Figure out who I'm going to use as vicitims subjects for my psychology practical. Apparently students are the best choice for lazy researchers, but here that has the slight flaw that nearly everybody is studying psychology themselves.
  • 'Net stuff
    • I think I'm pretty much done with the coding side of now. I have some ideas, like an audio comment system, that rely on having more listeners to be useful so I'm not bothering yet.
    • Might decide to release and document some of the code running, since a few people have been interested in getting XULRunner/Software Update working recently.
    • Should really do some more work on the rewrite of this site's code I started in July and predictably gave up on a bit later.
  • Social stuff
    • Are you kidding?
    • Well, I do have one excuse to leave the house: Oxjam at Memorial Hall tomorrow is going to rock, though whether my ears will agree at the end remains to be seen...
    • Other than that I've nothing planned, and anything else happening relies on teenagers being organized, so I'm not holding my breath. ;)


Okay, so it's about time for my kinda-weekly blog post, isn't it? :/

I'd love to claim my life's been so amazingly interesting the last couple of weeks that I haven't had time to post much, but I think we all know that's not true. I dunno, I'm supposed to be a logical person, but after a month at school I still don't really like routine.

That's not to say I haven't been doing the same things every week, though at the moment it seems to be more based around TV than anything else. The Daily Show is on every weekday at 8:30, and often makes me look at what's on next and watch that as well. Works out quite nicely for More4, I suppose. Other than that there's not really anything on Monday-Wednesday, so I'll watch The Simpsons if I'm bored.

Thursday is the day when everything's on next to each other, and I generally get nothing done, homework or otherwise. Daily Show on More4, then Extras, Mitchell and Webb, and Mock the Week on BBC TWO (don't blame me for shouting, that's how it's spelt), then Late Edition on BBC FOUR (oh, ffs...).

"That Mitchell and Webb Look" is worth noting solely for the fact that the intro music has cowbell in it, and the comedy ain't half bad either. The Tesco Late Edition is also consistently amusing - I'd like to call Marcus Brigstocke the British answer to Jon Stewart, but frankly that's being too nice to Stewart. Brigstocke just always seems to find a perfectly eloquent and entertaining way of saying exactly what we're all thinking about <insert target here>, and then some. I suppose you had to have watched last week's show and heard his opinion on Fox News to understand me...

Oh, and Friday doesn't disappoint on the intelligent comedy either. New series of HIGNFY on BBC one (see, they can't even be consistently annoying with the capitalization), and QI on TWO, which is worth watching just for Alan Davies. Plus Bremner, Bird and Fortune on 4 on Saturday, of course.

Then, have nothing to do on Sunday because you're a sad geek who watches far too much telly and did all your maths homework yesterday, and fill time writing pointless blog posts. Yay.

Numbcast. It's back.

In pretty good time considering my usual level of procrastination, the new Numbcast site is ready for business.

Numbcast is a pointless crap-talking podcast we used to do with Tunnie last year, and for obvious reasons it's been quiet for a while. Then Joe, Smiddy, and Alison recorded a show on Thursday and the rest is... well, the future, I suppose...

The backend code itself uses some file parsing code I first wrote for with extra bits that make it act similarly to the old Numbcast page, but hopefully in a way that's easier to maintain.

Gill and Joe helped with the design, and I used my scary experience of CSS floats and IE bugs to make it all work. I was resisting using gradient fills initially, but now that I tried them I quite like the look.

Stuff that's still on my todo list is getting email addresses set up, making some profiles for presenters, and making the fancy collapsing shownotes work in IE.

I also just realized that most of this post makes no grammatical sense whatsoever, but I can't be arsed fixing that.

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