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March 2005

Feedback on design changes?

I haven't changed much, but does anybody have any suggestions? I'm going to slightly re-style the non-home topbars later.


Attempting to manipulate search results for liar is fun.

Current ChatZilla Status

Some people have been asking what's been happening with ChatZilla since the release of 0.9.67 in January. I'm putting these lists of notable bugs up to remind me, and so I have something to refer other people to. If you want full lists, search Bugzilla or Bonsai.

  • Bugs fixed in CVS since ChatZilla 0.9.67 release
    • Bug 231211 - Make bugURL configurable per-channel and per-network.
    • Bug 109790 - Add File > Save View As... to ChatZilla.
    • Bug 281706 - Add /reconnect, /reconnect-all, /disconnect-all and /rejoin commands.
    • Bug 277588 - Make removeCommands accept the same list as defineCommands (and still accept the return value of defineCommands).
    • Bug 277839 - Add /notice command.
    • Bug 287729 - ChatZilla can't connect on Trunk builds (as of 2005-03-25)
    • Bug 263216 - links opened into new tab from ChatZilla pass the URL of the current tab as the http Referer
  • Bugs with approved patches (review+)
    • Bug 189097 - "You have joined"-line should mention nick too
    • Bug 193977 - Remove boxes from chatzilla
    • Bug 227093 - Close/exit confirmation when connected to servers/networks
    • Bug 240111 - Re-focus text input after clicking URL
    • Bug 265573 - Internal error dispatching command "sync-font", "sync-motif", "sync-timestamp", etc.
    • Bug 278763 - ChatZilla's kick-ban command should put * at the end of an IP address, not the beginning
    • Bug 284149 - A lack of secure servers on a network when using ircs:// urls should give a better error message
    • Bug 287387 - User mode changes always appear in current view, regardless of network
  • Bugs with patches waiting for approval (review?)
    • Bug 238050 - mIRC colours 0 and 1 shouldn't be treated specially
    • Bug 283521 - Add security icon/button to the Chatzilla status bar.
    • Bug 286999 - Exception calling xulSortService.sort()

I have a nightly build up that includes the fixes in the first list, most importantly the ability to actually work on new trunk builds.

If you spot a mistake in this post, please comment or tell me on IRC.

Yahoo! does things backwards

I was searching for something on LiveJournal that ended up not existing, at least not in Google or Yahoo!'s indexes. Yahoo! asked this:

Did you mean:,,,, or

No, I didn't. Really.

RdMise Search with the Yahoo! API

"RdFind" is pretty much done, and is now in the header for every page. The code just needs tidying up a bit.

Feel free to try breaking it. Let me know if you find bugs. On a seperate note, the time zone support I put in RdMise will hopefully become useful for the first time at 2am tomorrow morning. Or is that 3am...?

Just Another Firefox Extension

Terri Schiavo Status. Just in case you forget.

Coming soon

Feedroll, music page update, minor home page redesign.

Edit: Feedroll is done. If you've ever wondered which blogs/podcasts I read/listen to, the list is there. If you haven't, well, the list is still there.


Dear Customer,

We are sorry to report that the following item has been delayed.

"iAudio M3 Colour Sound MP3 Player with Cradle 40GB"

Our current estimate is that it will take an additional 1-2 weeks to obtain this item for you.

Firefox 1.0.2


A piece of radio history...

James Whale's underpants. :|

Bleep off.

Well, that was very strange. Something I found in a Slashdot comment worked.

Apparently, junk phone callers use computers to listen for a human voice saying "hello", to cut down on the cost of sending failed calls to operators.

When I got a call, I played a SIT (special information tone) down the phone. The machine hung up immediately. Now to see if they take the hint...

Attachment: sit_disconnected.wav / 0.04MB / audio/x-wav

One, Two, Three

(Obligatory enclosures test post)

Now, where's that microphone?

Attachment: test1.mp3 / 0.05MB / audio/mpeg

Getting Attached

My local copy of RdPress now has RSS enclosures for Podcast support. I'm not sure if I'll do anything with it, but it's nice to know I can.

I also ordered an iAUDIO M3 from Amazon a couple of weeks ago. I'll post more about it if/when I get it.

RdPress Updates - Tags

I just made a proper error for nonexistant tags, fixed a minor security bug, and added RSS feeds for tags.

Now I really just need enclosure support.

Suck Fony - is back

Or at least, it will be soon.

Beatallica, a Beatles/Metallica parody band, had their website shut down after a Sony nastygram.

Also in the news, Sony is refusing to publish grammy award winning singer/songwriter Fiona Apple's album because they didn't "hear a single". This is despite the songs being leaked, and fans demanding a chance to pay money for the disc. Pathetic.

And my Sony earphones just broke. Bastards.

What people are searching for - more

  • thunderbird podcast
  • yahoo search api
  • thunderbird inbox goes blank
  • chatzilla plugins
  • how can i enable sound events in chatzilla?
  • chatzilla ban command
  • chatzilla hide-view


The flooding approach really doesn't work. One request just used 143MB of (my) bandwidth before giving up.

I'm going to switch to a tarpit fix which slows them down without wasting bandwidth. I'll probably use it for referrer spam as well.

For those that don't understand yet...

The UK's anti-terror legislation in brief.

Lack of spam

Interesting. I haven't had any Unsolicited Commercial Linkage (blogspam) attempts for almost a week. It used to be at about 20 attempts a day.

Maybe it was that infinite loop I put after my spampop check. Last Sunday, instead of a normal 5 byte die() response, my script sent 604245 bytes of rubbish. This is the code:

if(isset($_SERVER['HTTP_VIA']) && preg_match('/pinappleproxy/', $_SERVER['HTTP_VIA']))
while(TRUE) { echo 'Pop.'; }

I'm really still guessing, but if lots of people start doing this it could help slow down the spammers. At least a bit.

edit: The lack of spam for a week was probably due to a separate bug, but my point's still valid.

Single policy party? Never!

Just got a UKIP leaflet. Of the ten sentences that aren't about the European Union, I think this is the most insightful:

UKIP believes that criminals are the cause of crime.


And no, the picture of the candidate almost doing garden work isn't going to sway me.

Well, I think it looks pretty.


Tags are gone

I'm working on rewriting tags and uploading an RdMise test here. Tonight or tomorrow, depends if I get distracted.

More on Yahoo

Buried away in their help pages is the hostname meta word. I can search for pages from "" without searching its subdomains, which is much better than the "+site -site -site" mess I was going to use with Google.

I did drop this idea in the Google suggestion box, but for now I'll be using Yahoo! for my site search and probably other stuff I do in the future.

(The only thing I'm not sure about is the query limit being 5000 per day per IP address. Not that I'm going to use that many, but it could add up on a shared server.)

"Oscars Dazzle Deadliest Day Yet"

I don't know whether I'm meant to laugh or cry.

Yahoo! Search API

Yahoo! now has a search API and a developer network. This means I can use Yahoo!'s search results in this site in exactly the same way I was planning on using Google's.

And now I'm not sure what to do. Yahoo!'s API is simpler to use, has example code in PHP, and accesses 5 of their search services rather than 1 Google service. Not that I'm using them all at the moment, but Google only lets me have 1000 queries per day - Yahoo! quintuples that.

Whatever I end up using, I hope this thing persuades Google to update their stuff - it hasn't changed since August 2002.

Yes, I think the ! on Yahoo! in the middle of a sentence is daft as well.

Nobody told me I could do that...

Add an address like file:///C:/ as a Firefox bookmark, and it becomes a mini folder browser. It doesn't seem to work fully on the trunk build I'm using, but it still looks pretty useful. Why didn't I know about it before? :/