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February 2005

Statistics fetish continues

I got bored again, so I decided to look at why I have had over 250 hits from search engines this year. People were searching for:

  • Speech for Messenger Plus! - 74 hits seemed to be related. This thing has over 300,000 downloads at the plugins database, but not many people end up coming here.
  • Firefox - 49 hits to various posts, mostly people looking for banners. They didn't find any.
  • Music - 22 searches for band/song names on my playlists, and one person specifically looking for a torture tape. Reminds me, the music pages need updating.
  • ChatZilla - 17 hits, some of which strangely ended up directly at one of my patch files.
  • FlashViewer - 10 hits. I'm planning to revisit this thing at some point in the future.
  • Jamtris - 10 hits. Version 0.4 is out, with bugfixes and sound effects on phones that support them.
  • rdmsoft - 10 queries that seemed to be a direct attempt to find this place. Some of them were probably me.
  • Thunderbird - 9 hits to my nitpicks post and my extensions post, both of which I want to redo.
  • KazaaGate - 8 hits to this. There are new posts at, I'll post if anything exciting happens.
  • Various web hosting companies - 8 queries mostly ending up at my ex-customer post.
  • WorldWind gets 8. Says the official page: "We expect to release a major new version of World Wind by next week...".
  • Windows Media Player - 8 hits from people wanting to uninstall it. I had problems when I searched for this information, hopefully I've helped someone.
  • - 4 hits, including one person trying in vain to find the cause of their "General Error". OOo 2.0 Beta is coming very soon.

Podcast support in Thunderbird

Bug 282174 got fixed last week. It means Mozilla Thunderbird 1.1 and later will have at least some basic podcast support.

(Podcasts are audio files attached to RSS feeds. With the correct feed address and software that understands them, you can have your computer automatically download new music, radio shows, and amusing sound effects.)

The Thunderbird implementation currently displays podcast files like email attachments, which can be double-clicked to start download.

It's not enough to make me ditch iPodder yet, but it's a good start and I'll be watching it carefully.

Tetris 1d

Tetris 1d is the ultimate boredom game. A clone of the original Tetris, but with less dimensions. (Found at Blogoscoped)

RdMise 0.8 Stuff

This is basically just a todo list.

  • RdMise - multiple stylesheet support
  • RdPress - proper tagging system
  • RdPict - fix to work with new RdMise, new admin system
  • RdPress - support RSS enclosures
  • RdPict - allow images to be easily included in blog posts
  • RdFind - add Google search script to RdMise
  • RdPress - per-tag RSS feeds
  • RdPict - "latest images" sidebar

Things I might integrate

  • The Blogidate bookmarklet I posted about before. Ideally, script it to check on submit and refuse to add the post if it's invalid.
  • Gravatars are avatars you can use on many weblogs.
  • Google Search API - I'm writing a script that can search this site without just linking to a separate site.

I also really need to overhaul tags, and look at getting Technorati to work properly.

Is this legally binding?

From a text message:

MonthSubscription50p/msg6/monthT&CsC web age16+2stoptxt stop

Maybe I'm just picky, but...

...this page isn't very specific about download size.

Download Size: 1081 KB - 843264 KB

[parent] => *RECURSION*

It's working. It's actually working.

As I said I might do, I'm recoding big parts of RdMise so they're object orientated and use XML config files.

This makes things much more organized for me and makes about zero difference to anybody visiting.

In other news, the spam filters are working fine so far, and I'm thinking of making a search script for RdMise.

Yawn, blocking IP addresses.

Exactly half of my spam is coming from 10 different IP addresses. Unsurprisingly, they're open proxies. Some of them seem to be school servers sitting on high bandwidth connections pumping out spam all day.

If anybody has any ideas for a moderately amusing message to show them next time they visit, let me know.

January NotStats

Something I didn't think was possible: my statistics became less accurate. According to the raw data, Windows 2003 usage is at 30% and Internet Explorer usage is at 43%. Ridiculous.

Referrer spamming, comment spamming, and trackback spamming have broken it. But because Windows 2003 usage here is usually zero, I'm going to ignore it and call it accurate.

That leaves 79.7% Windows XP, 6.8% other Windows, 0.7% Mac OS X, 8.2% Linux, and 4.6% Others.

IE gets 18.8% compared to Mozilla's 79.3%, which seems a bit high, but never mind. 1.9% Others, including 10 hits from wget, and single figures from Safari, Konqueror, Camino, and Lynx.

About 10.5MB of XHTML bandwidth used (335KB/day). 1065 RSS feed hits (34/day), which are probably evidence of me staying on the computer longer :|.

It's war.

January. Comment spam begins.

I block it.

February. Trackback spam begins.

I block it.

Your move.

Okay, maybe it's not that dramatic. But it's still frustrating. The Register has an interesting interview with a link spammer up. I've learnt a few things, but it mostly just confirmed what I already knew. These people annoy me, and they're not planning on stopping.

Well, I'm not stopping. I'm doing my best to block the UCL (unsolicited commercial linkage) whilst still allowing normal people to comment as before.