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October 2005

The next crazy plan...

I want to make a TV guide. A bit like (in fact I'll probably use their data), but with a simple now/next view, favourite channels, and a programme watchlist.

I still haven't fully decided the technical details, but I'm hoping having this post up here will be some motivation to actually work on it.

I needed that.


Okay, so I took a break. The ping of comment spam brings me back here, so I might as well say what I've been doing:

  • Watching TV. More4 launched a few weeks ago, finally bringing The Daily Show to the UK. I also watched the first episode of Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days, which was pretty insightful.
  • Playing more Soldat. Mostly inf and ctf, some htf. Meh, it fills the time.
  • Trying to get Firefox to compile. It worked before. :|
  • Trying to figure out why ChatZilla keeps breaking timeouts, and why nobody else seems to be experiencing the same bug.
  • Losing hair. It's starting to be noticable, though not much, since I had a lot of hair to begin with anyway.
  • Working. I've done a bit of my school work, though it's tiny compared to how much I've been sent. Don't know if I'll ever catch up...

Just a few notes.

  • HP printer drivers are evil.
  • The "Google Mail" logo is ugly.
  • sucks as a version number. Though isn't any better...
  • HTTP Authentication splodes my brain.

If this blog makes my life look boring...

That's because it is.

A bit of progress, I managed to get round to writing print styles for RdMise 1.2, it's 11 rules so far (to remove background images, undo floats/margins/fixed widths, set background to white, remove link underlines, and display link hrefs for external links).

So. Yes, boring...

Day 23

Well, I've survived another week, which is more than I can say for my hair. It's falling out, slowly, and I have to keep brushing it off my pillow. :|

1.2: Stuff I want.

  • New style system, and a new template/stylesheet that solves a few accessibility issues. This is mostly done, I just need to extend it to support media types (and add a stylesheet for printing).
  • An easier way for apps to support cache validation (Entity tags/304 responses).
  • Use templates more in RdPress.
  • Support for HTTP Authentication (401, etc.) for simpler login and the possibility of private RSS feeds.
  • A basic HTML scraper in RdSplay, for those stubborn sites. I'll also add RSS3 support if I'm bored enough.
  • Better paging on search results, and term highlighting.
  • More anti-spam code. I'm thinking at least a referrer blacklist and automatic IP blocking.

RdMise Developments

First, I coded a little RdMise app to track my chemotherapy (currently seen on the right of the home page). I doubt anyone cares much, especially since I haven't released the RdMise code yet, but I'm posting this anyway:

$apptypes['chemo'] = array('class' => 'ChemoApp',
                           'title' => 'Chemotherapy counter',
                           'version' => '1.0',
                           'url' => '');
class ChemoApp
   function ChemoApp($id, &$attribs, $parentid)
      $this->cycno = 1;
      $this->dayno = tzdate('z') - 262;
      if(tzdate('Y') > 2005) $this->dayno += (tzdate('Y') - 2005) * 365;
      while($this->dayno > 28) { ++$this->cycno; $this->dayno -= 28; }
   function Code_ProcessAppTag($attribs)
      case 'dayno': return $this->dayno;
      case 'cycno': return $this->cycno;

To use it, I create an instance by adding <app id=chemo type=chemo/> to site.xml, and then add RdCode to index.rdmise:

<p>Warning: Contains cancer.
Today is Day <rdcode for=chemo do=dayno/> of
 Cycle <rdcode for=chemo do=cycno/>.</p>

If I cared enough, I'd make it generic so the starting day could be set via the <app/> tag. I'd also make it cope with leap years, but I don't care at the moment as I'm hoping to be done with this stuff before 2008...

Oh, and I coded the new style system for RdMise 1.2. It reads CSS files from folders and outputs them as one stylesheet, rather than using nasty config files and lots of link tags. I'm happy, everyone else is indifferent, makes for a good average.

Catching up, take 2

I got back to find about a thousand junk emails, a few hundred feed items, and enough podcasts for me to put off counting them.

Speaking of my feeds, you can see the stuff that's interesting at the top of the page, or subscribe to the feed. Think of it like a mini linkblog.

Stuff I need to blog about: OPML, RdMise 1.0 source release, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and RdMise 1.2.

Calm Before

The second lot of chemotherapy should be later today. Right now, I feel great. Managed to eat and drink a bit yesterday, which is always useful. Next week is extra super hair loss week.

Day 12

Well, I'm still here. It's basically been a weekend of lying around. The ward humour's just about run out, though I realise it wasn't that funny in the first place.

News in brief: I just mastered pedal bins again only to find the one in this room is broken; my left arm makes me look like a heroin addict; and I'm getting the feeling there's only so much pissing in a bottle one man can take.