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January 2005

With perfect timing...

Last night I added a comment moderation thingy that lets me delete multiple comments quickly. Then I broke the mini spam filter. 27 hours, 44 pieces of spam. Deleted :D.

<DreamEater> well at least you know when its not working

Really tiny tweaks

I can now customize the <title> of the home page, and categories are called tags.


A nifty thing I found at Jesse Ruderman's site: the Blogidate bookmarklet.

To install it, add that "blogidate" link above to your bookmarks (you can usually do this with drag and drop). Then, when writing a blog post, click the bookmark. If you've made a really obvious XHTML error that would probably break the page, the text box turns red.

I could probably add this as standard in RdPress, as it's trés useful.

Some Progress

My latest updates to RdMise/RdPress are just about done, so soon I'll call it stable, pat myself on the back, then throw it at AD4M.

What am I doing next? I'm not entirely sure. The first thing I'll do is upload a list of the blog/podcast feeds I'm subscribed to. I've written a PHP script that takes XML as an input, and it works perfectly.

Which brings me on to the next thing. I've been using RdMise for about 5 months, and although it just about works, the code is messy. After seeing how easy it is to use the XML parser in PHP, I'm probably going to reinvent it as something based on object-orientated code, with more sensible XML config files.

I'm also interested in what benefits, if any, using XUL on the site would bring. XUL is the user-interface language used to make Mozilla's menus, dialogs, toolbars, etc., and it's possible to use it on websites. I'll see.

I'll see.

My back hurts.

Everything in life should have a 43 Things link. Including this one.

Small Changes

A feature that took me far too long to code: name/email memory for the comments box. Feel free to test, on this post only please.

I've installed the Psi client for Jabber instant messaging. In the unlikely event that you both use Jabber and want to talk to me, check the Contact page.

And, there's another plugin on my ChatZilla page.

Firefox wins /again/...

Firefox has acheived the accolade of BBSpot Browser Showdown Technical Award of Excellence. Excellent.

Uninstalling Windows Media Player 9

Something I found deep within the forums:

Start → Run → RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\wmp.inf,Uninstall

I'm interested in exactly how "tied" to Windows it is. So I'm doing my best to remove it for some reason. I already removed WMP10 from Control Panel, but that only did a "rollback" to WM9 which was successfully screwed up by Windows File Protection. I ran the command above, and it only offered to rollback again. And surprisingly enough, it wants to reboot. I'll see what happens.

I'm not dead...

...just lazy. Okay, I didn't exactly do nothing other the weekend, but it wasn't too productive. I read some blogs, idled on IRC, and listened to a lot of podcasts.

The most useful thing I did was probably adding a ChatZilla page to this site. It's got a few links about the client, and three small plugins that I've written.

On the subject of reading and listening, I should probably put up a blogroll or something. The admin pages for this site are also still ugly, and I'm thinking of changing the navigation style. Maybe later.


A lawyer for Charles Graner, accused ringleader in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, has compared piling naked prisoners into pyramids to cheerleader shows and said leashing inmates was also acceptable prisoner control.

Graner's attorney said piling naked prisoners into pyramids and leading them by a leash were acceptable methods of prisoner control. He compared this to pyramids made by cheerleaders at sports events and parents putting tethers on toddlers.

Yawn @ BlogSpam

I've been getting lots of advertising posted in the comments box here recently, presumably from an automated program.

I'm planning some proper anti-spam stuff in soon, but for now comments beginning with <h1> are blocked. Have a nice day.

Bill Gates says I'm a communist.

Link 1, Link 2. Meh.

More stuff I need to do

  • RdMise - menu caching to speed up the site.
  • RdMise - install instructions. (cba)
  • RdPress - style fixing for admin, comments, and trackbacks.
  • RdPress - name/email memory.
  • RdPress - comment preview (pointless), comment moderation.
  • RdPress - config cleanup.
  • RdPict - admin controls.

I realise you probably don't care, it's just this way it reminds me to do the work.

The Torture Tape Experiment

I don't know why, but I found this quite amusing. Two men try to make each other go insane by creating tapes of the worst music ever published.

Link: The Torture Tape Experiment. Contains strong language, and some very bad music.

New Year's Resolutions? Make 43.

Hello, Robert Marshall! What do you want to do with your life?

43 Things is a new social goal-setting website. If nothing else, it's an interesting concept. People can sign up, share ideas, make posts and comment on each other's interests.

The goals range from "clean up my computer's desktop" to "grow a beard" to "be nicer to people". Much fun.

See my list, and sign up to 43 Things.

December Stats

A month ago, I posted some info from my awstats statistics. Now, I'm bored, so I'm doing the same thing for December. Percentages under 0.5% get ignored.

  • Operating Systems:
    • 72.1% Windows XP/2003
    • 3.4% Windows 2000
    • 2.4% Windows NT/98/ME
    • 0.6% Mac OS X
    • 5.7% Linux
    • 15.8% Unknown
  • Browsers:
    • 15.3% Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
    • 0.9% Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
    • 60.5% Mozilla Firefox
    • 14.1% Mozilla Application Suite (includes Netscape 7)
    • 1.5% Safari
    • 0.6% Opera
    • 7.1% Unknown
  • RdMise XHTML bandwidth used: 9.2MB (304KB/day)
  • RdPress RSS feed requests: 956 (31/day)

As I said before, most people I know seem to use Firefox/Windows XP, so it's not surprising that they're high. But they are higher than before.

Happy New Year

Indeed. I had to say it.

Okay, I admit it. I couldn't think of a pathetically sarcastic comment to make about the event. Sorry.

Edit: It's also "in with the new" as I make a few style changes to this website. The 2004 style was starting to feel cramped and boring, whereas I think the 2005 style will, in time, be better spaced out and boring.