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November 2004

Load of rubbish

I get approximately 400 pieces of junk email a day. That includes spam, virii, and messages from silly people who think I sent them a virus.

Edit: It's actually more like 300. Logically, I get more during the USA/UK daytime, when more idiots have their computers online.

For comparison, the number of wanted emails I received in the same time period was: four.

Status update

I've been meaning to get this posted all day, so I'll make it short.

RdMise: It's going well, haven't done anything recently, still need to do 404 page and timezone code.

RdPress: The next version will hopefully have categories implemented. And a shorter menu.

RdPict: The main work is done, I'm fiddling with thumbnails and RSS feeds now.

10x10: 100 Words and pictures that Define the Time: Somebody showed me this site, and I want to do something with the developer access for it. I'm not sure quite what though.

phishbeam: It's a media review system in php/mysql, and I'm one of the people working on it. It's looking good so far, and by that I just mean it has a rather nice stylesheet. Tomorrow is coding day...

The third kind of lies

W3Schools browser statistics. Which of these is true?

  1. The numbers for Mozilla are going up, so W3Schools is getting linked to on Mozilla websites.
  2. W3Schools is getting linked to on Mozilla websites, so the numbers for Mozilla are going up.


Well, I finally bothered to put together another CD with my favourite tracks from iRATE. Here we go:

  1. Detour - The Loner
  2. Outlet33 - Frigid
  3. Warg - Orchestrum
  4. Cementhead - Unity!
  5. PK-180 - See Me
  6. Polished - Understanding
  7. Brad Sucks - Time To Take Out The Trash
  8. LSDT - Let Me Down
  9. Orixa - Adixion
  10. Mercy Tree - Here I Stand
  11. Ginger Tom - Armourers Of The Free World
  12. Silver Sound Theorem - From Grace
  13. Tarun Stevenson - Latch Key Kid
  14. ERS Project - Ultimate High
  15. Finch - Post Script
  16. Bench Warmers - Another Day
  17. Film - Coming Down
  18. The Jolly Lamas - Yank My Chain
  19. The Wolves - Sideways

Blah blah blah blah music page blah blah.

Worst Decoration Ever

I know. But you see I got bored and decided to add some sort of Christmas decoration.

Yes. That "snow" at the top. That's what passes nowadays. It may be PHP-generated "snow", but I do realise it still sucks.

Tweaking Thunderbird

I'm settling in to using Thunderbird now, and I've installed a few extensions:

  • Quote Colors is something I missed from Gmail. When a message has had a few replies with quotes, it gets hard to track who said what, so these quoted parts get colour-coded.
  • Allow Empty Subject is a quick and neat hack that lets me send lank emails faster when I'm testing stuff.
  • Contacts Sidebar is, I suppose, something I missed from Outlook Express. It lists my address book below the mail folder list.
  • Open Long Url is something Gmail had. If someone sends me a long http link and it gets cut between lines, this extension provides an easy way to put it back and visit the site.
  • Quick Reply is very useful. It lets me reply, er, quickly.

I personally would like to see the Contacts Sidebar integrated into Thunderbird before 1.0.

I also used some tips to disable HTML email.

*is very impressed*

Wow. Wow again. Thunderbird rules.

I tried Thunderbird (an email client from Mozilla) a long time ago, version 0.4 or 0.5, I think. It sucked. It was ugly, I was superficial. It seemed to want to give me loads of folders when I just wanted one inbox. It didn't seem to offer much new.

Now, at 0.9 with a 1.0 coming very soon, it's changed a lot. It has a great Qute theme, imports my mail settings and my mail, and defaults to the more sensible single-inbox mode. It has a very nifty junk filter that's correctly detected 2 junk messages in the past few minutes, and it has a feed aggregator which I haven't tried out yet.

I love it. I really do. But here I my tiny nitpicking observations:

  • When it imported my mail from Outlook Express, it marked everything as unread. I lost the record of which emails I'd read, which didn't really matter as all the unread messages were junk anyway.
  • When Thunderbird first asked me for my pop3 password, I got it wrong. Worse, I had the save password box ticked and the password manager is hard to find. Logical places to find it, in my opinion, would be on the Tools menu, in the Account Settings, or on a Privacy tab in the options like Firefox. It's actually in the advanced tab of the options, near the bottom of the big list.
  • Normal mail folders have a right click ⇒ delete option, but the only way to delete a saved search is to click it and use the delete key on the keyboard, which is slightly less intuitive.
  • When I move a folder, the messages pane goes blank. It should really show the contents of the folder again.
  • The feed reading function is a bit hard to find. I think it would be good for Thunderbird to add one RSS account by default, and "educate" the user the first time they click it.

That's all I can think of right now. And they're all very minor points which shouldn't stop me or anyone else from reclaiming their inbox with Thunderbird.

Time for Thunderbird

I've been using Outlook Express for a very long time, and I'm finally fed up. I use Gmail for a lot of my email, and don't get that much of it anyway.

But I've had enough, the spam level is increasing, and I'm going to get Thunderbird. Let's see what happens...

Jamtris 0.3

I only just noticed this - there's a new version of Jamtris, a free tetris game for Java-enabled mobile phones. Not that anyone cares, but it's fun and stuff. Download instructions are the same as in my previous post.

New iRATE Radio Site

iRATE has a new website at I like it, as it's much simpler and geared towards users than the development site on SourceForge.

Firefox 1.0: 2 million downloads

Wow. Just wow.

Firefox 1.0 has been downloaded over 2 million times in the 48 hours following its release. It took the previous release 10 days to get to that figure. "The March to 10 Million Downloads" seems to be getting shorter...

RdMise/0.6 TODO

I might as well put this somewhere so I don't forget.

  • Next / previous links - to be used by RdPress - done 10th November.
  • Built-in optional database access - so more than one module can use a database - needed by RdPress and RdPict - done 11th November.
  • Built-in login system - at the very least, a password entry that applies to all modules - eventually, a users database with permissions - done 12th November.
  • Better 404 error page.
  • Timezone choice.
  • More hard-coded variable fixing.
  • Degrade gracefully on database fail - done 12th November.

More to be added, suggestions welcome.

RdPict announce...

You might have noticed that the pictures on this blog are, well, nonexistant. That's because it a bit hard to keep the images organised.

I'm planning an image gallery system based on RdMise and designed to replace Comix. It should be suitable for comics, photos, and random screenshots. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them here.

Firefox 1.0 is out

Get it now, that is all.


Heh. Finally got it all sorted. I'm now on an OC5 hosting package at Surpass, though they haven't fully sorted out the DNS yet. Ah well, I have 5000MB of space now. :D

Only disadvantage... the server's Amerkan, so I had to add a GMT workaround to RdPress. That also doesn't really matter.


I've moved this site to a new server. This is the NEW server.

Felber Concedes Presidency

After realising that the polls weren't going his way, and America was going to re-elect George W Bush, presidential candidate Adam Felber has ended his campaign. You can read his concession speech on his blog.

Genius, it puts into words a lot of what I was thinking, and a lot that makes me think.

Site Updates - RdPress, Music, Speech

I've added a simple info page for RdPress.

I've added a page about my Music tastes.

There's a minor bug fix in the new 0.3.1 version of Speech For Messenger Plus.

I could make a reference to site updates being like buses, but I'm not going to. It sucks that I even thought about it.

RdMise deployment

I had my first try at putting the RdMise script on another site for a friend, and it seems to be working.

There was a bit too much work involved really, as I'd designed the script for just this site and never expected to use it elsewhere. But I've change my mind on that, and I want to work on the script to make it possible for other people to install it.

I need to get rid of the hardcoded copyright notices and other strings, and make an install script. Once I'm happy, I'll probably release it under a free software license.

Still not listening

Here's the third CD I'm burning with tracks from iRATE:

  1. Seismic Anamoly - Code Red Love Is Dead
  2. Odyssey - Generation Track
  3. Bystander - Image
  4. Lollipop Lust Kill - Like a disease
  5. An undying day in orbit - deracinate
  6. The Gamma Rays - Shootout at Taco Nachos
  7. Sarcasm - I'm on my way
  8. Bad Religion - Supersonic
  9. Festerbilt - Supernatural Gang Star
  10. Waking James - Color Haze
  11. Bruce Callow - Prisoner
  12. Ju Ju Milton and the Mongers - Wanna Get A Fuzztone
  13. About Face - The Veil
  14. Somadrone - Function
  15. Rawhead - Pulling Teeth
  16. Magus Beast - Magus Beast
  17. 2 Dogs Funking - Into
  18. .hinge - Pleasure Dilemma
  19. Superheist - Crank The System
  20. Penance for Heresy - Society Rules
  21. Odd Man Out - Innocence

I've also been listening to quite a bit of Zeroday, Penance for Heresy and NYCSmoke recently. If anyone want to hear any of the music on my iRATE playlist, post a track name in the comments and I'll give you a download address.

Stableness of sorts

I've been making lots of small tweaks and fixes to the site's code, and I'm now calling it fairly stable. In fact, I'm calling it RdMise/0.4 and RdPress/0.2.

RdMi, now called RdMise, is the name I give to the general script that powers the whole site. RdPress is an addon that connects to a database and powers the blog.

Still more planned in the future...

Well, it's an answer...

Looks like America decided. According to BBC News 24, ABC news, and the AP news agency, John Kerry is going to concede the presidency.

Looking at the reported numbers, it does seem that the last four years have made George Bush more popular in the eyes of American voters. I hope they're proud.

Something I did find interesting, though, was the exit poll summary on CNN. Especially "vote by income", "vote by religion", "compared to four years ago, is US safer from terrorism", and "Is Iraq war part of war on terrorism?". Draw your own conclusions.

A Question, The Question?

George Bush asked an interesting question in a speech yesterday.

Who do you trust?

Here's hoping the American people have a different answer in mind than he does.

Halloween sucks

This thread just amused me. Because it's the exact same way I feel.

Edit: This post used to link to a whiny forum thread, but the forum in question died.