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Statistics fetish continues

I got bored again, so I decided to look at why I have had over 250 hits from search engines this year. People were searching for:

  • Speech for Messenger Plus! - 74 hits seemed to be related. This thing has over 300,000 downloads at the plugins database, but not many people end up coming here.
  • Firefox - 49 hits to various posts, mostly people looking for banners. They didn't find any.
  • Music - 22 searches for band/song names on my playlists, and one person specifically looking for a torture tape. Reminds me, the music pages need updating.
  • ChatZilla - 17 hits, some of which strangely ended up directly at one of my patch files.
  • FlashViewer - 10 hits. I'm planning to revisit this thing at some point in the future.
  • Jamtris - 10 hits. Version 0.4 is out, with bugfixes and sound effects on phones that support them.
  • rdmsoft - 10 queries that seemed to be a direct attempt to find this place. Some of them were probably me.
  • Thunderbird - 9 hits to my nitpicks post and my extensions post, both of which I want to redo.
  • KazaaGate - 8 hits to this. There are new posts at, I'll post if anything exciting happens.
  • Various web hosting companies - 8 queries mostly ending up at my ex-customer post.
  • WorldWind gets 8. Says the official page: "We expect to release a major new version of World Wind by next week...".
  • Windows Media Player - 8 hits from people wanting to uninstall it. I had problems when I searched for this information, hopefully I've helped someone.
  • - 4 hits, including one person trying in vain to find the cause of their "General Error". OOo 2.0 Beta is coming very soon.

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