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January NotStats

Something I didn't think was possible: my statistics became less accurate. According to the raw data, Windows 2003 usage is at 30% and Internet Explorer usage is at 43%. Ridiculous.

Referrer spamming, comment spamming, and trackback spamming have broken it. But because Windows 2003 usage here is usually zero, I'm going to ignore it and call it accurate.

That leaves 79.7% Windows XP, 6.8% other Windows, 0.7% Mac OS X, 8.2% Linux, and 4.6% Others.

IE gets 18.8% compared to Mozilla's 79.3%, which seems a bit high, but never mind. 1.9% Others, including 10 hits from wget, and single figures from Safari, Konqueror, Camino, and Lynx.

About 10.5MB of XHTML bandwidth used (335KB/day). 1065 RSS feed hits (34/day), which are probably evidence of me staying on the computer longer :|.

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