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As you might know, Sharman Networks, owners of Kazaa, are in the middle of a copyright lawsuit. APC has a review of the first 13 days in court (day one), and it's a lot more amusing than any other legal reporting I've seen. Well worth reading, especially if you have a warped enough sense of humour to laugh at this:

When the day wound up around 5pm, Hemming and Morle headed for a conference room down the hall. I followed and just before the door shut I asked the Warrior Woman for a quick word.

WW: Hello Garth

Dispatch: How do you think it's going?

WW: Im leaving my lawyers to comment on everything to do with the case, Garth.

Shuts door.

Dispatch: But the judge said you can all talk now, remember?

The door is still shut.

Dispatch: Are you really happy now that you're finally getting your day in court?

Door offers no answer.

Dispatch: They say you don't control the company but you're CEO, how's that work?

Door is wooden.

Dispatch: How will we know what a Warrior Woman looks like in a fight if you won't take the witness box?

Door can not speak because it has no capacity for speech. There can be no doubt that I look very silly right now.

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