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I've just been trying out the latest Developer Build of, and I have to say, it rocks. is a free software "productivity suite" with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, drawing tool, and equation editor.

The new 680 releases will eventually become OOo 2.0, codename "Q". The thing I noticed straight away from the build I tried was that it fits much better into Windows. Native buttons, drag-and-drop toolbars, and better menus were unfortunately missing from OOo 1.1.

I also like the addition of the Format Paintbrush, which I missed when moving from Microsoft Office. It's nice to see features being added that are known and liked in other products.

"Q" also includes major improvements to its database tools, with the ability to create databases on your computer, or to connect to a remote database server. With these features included and publicised, many people could decide they no longer need to buy solutions such as Microsoft Access.

I'll probably post more about 2.0 later on, when I can include screenshots properly in this blog.

Get the stable release of 1.1.3 from the home page, or get developer build m51.

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