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RdPress Categories, RdMise Update

I'm still working on this. Main bits are done, I need to sort out the admin scripts, and possibly RSS feeds.

Menu length limits are sorted out for RdMise and RdPress, I'll be limiting the menu to 10 posts and having a View All link.

Timezone stuff and 404 page are completed, and I've got rid of all the hard-coded variables I can think of - so evrything I posted in the TODO is sorted. I'll probably upload testing versions to here later today.

And before you ask, there won't be a "useless things nobody cares about" category.

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Feedback is now all RdMise

Hey people, i know all you regular fans will have noticed ive moved to a complete RdMise type thingy. This is mainly because i w... / Trackback from AD4M Blog on 17 Dec 2004 at 11:12.

Feedback is closed. Feel free to contact me privately.