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Tweaking Thunderbird

I'm settling in to using Thunderbird now, and I've installed a few extensions:

  • Quote Colors is something I missed from Gmail. When a message has had a few replies with quotes, it gets hard to track who said what, so these quoted parts get colour-coded.
  • Allow Empty Subject is a quick and neat hack that lets me send lank emails faster when I'm testing stuff.
  • Contacts Sidebar is, I suppose, something I missed from Outlook Express. It lists my address book below the mail folder list.
  • Open Long Url is something Gmail had. If someone sends me a long http link and it gets cut between lines, this extension provides an easy way to put it back and visit the site.
  • Quick Reply is very useful. It lets me reply, er, quickly.

I personally would like to see the Contacts Sidebar integrated into Thunderbird before 1.0.

I also used some tips to disable HTML email.

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