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*is very impressed*

Wow. Wow again. Thunderbird rules.

I tried Thunderbird (an email client from Mozilla) a long time ago, version 0.4 or 0.5, I think. It sucked. It was ugly, I was superficial. It seemed to want to give me loads of folders when I just wanted one inbox. It didn't seem to offer much new.

Now, at 0.9 with a 1.0 coming very soon, it's changed a lot. It has a great Qute theme, imports my mail settings and my mail, and defaults to the more sensible single-inbox mode. It has a very nifty junk filter that's correctly detected 2 junk messages in the past few minutes, and it has a feed aggregator which I haven't tried out yet.

I love it. I really do. But here I my tiny nitpicking observations:

  • When it imported my mail from Outlook Express, it marked everything as unread. I lost the record of which emails I'd read, which didn't really matter as all the unread messages were junk anyway.
  • When Thunderbird first asked me for my pop3 password, I got it wrong. Worse, I had the save password box ticked and the password manager is hard to find. Logical places to find it, in my opinion, would be on the Tools menu, in the Account Settings, or on a Privacy tab in the options like Firefox. It's actually in the advanced tab of the options, near the bottom of the big list.
  • Normal mail folders have a right click ⇒ delete option, but the only way to delete a saved search is to click it and use the delete key on the keyboard, which is slightly less intuitive.
  • When I move a folder, the messages pane goes blank. It should really show the contents of the folder again.
  • The feed reading function is a bit hard to find. I think it would be good for Thunderbird to add one RSS account by default, and "educate" the user the first time they click it.

That's all I can think of right now. And they're all very minor points which shouldn't stop me or anyone else from reclaiming their inbox with Thunderbird.

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