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  • Got out of hospital yesterday.
  • Had 2 counts of vertebroplasty. Follow-up appointment in 6 weeks.
  • Slowly catching up on my information firehose.
  • My music player died. Couldn't find anybody willing to perform surgery on it.

Hospital Notes

  • Hospital is fine when you know your arrival and departure times.
  • You feel like everyone's your friend until you realise your name's on the board above your head.
  • I found myself combing my hair for lack of anything better to do. Pretty low.
  • I have a bandage on my wrist and I keep looking at it for the time.
  • Hospital food ain't half bad. I'd say two-thirds, tops.
  • Hack of the day: using the Patientline screen as a light to do sudoku. And write this.
  • Weirdest. Snoring. Ever.
  • I get the feeling when they say "squeeze my hands as hard as you can", they don't really mean it.
  • Butter: Allergy advice: Contains milk.
  • Fucking pedal bins.


  • Friends are awesome.
  • Probably overdid it today. Need to rest properly, but I don't wanna give up.
  • I have a tendency to feel like I should change in some big way now, but maybe really I'm just changing all the time.
  • Some time soon I might have to stop asking myself questions and start answering them.

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