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Patience never ever knows

My plans:

  • Pub quiz tomorrow. Fran'dabi'dozi!
  • Back to school Wednesday. Should probably start on homework before then.
  • Eye test next Monday. Will be interesting to see how much more blind I am.
  • Surgery next Wednesday, 16th April. Finally getting the back operation (vertebroplasty, probably kyphoplasty), will be off school Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday.
  • School ends 23rd May. Exams annoyingly start two days before that.
  • Latitude Festival 17th-20th July. All the cool kids are going. Well, some of the cool kids. Well, me. And I like to pretend to be cool sometimes, so that counts, right?
  • Exam results August. Three As or it wasn't worth it.
  • Leeds University September. Unless Gill finds some way to blackmail me.

A while ago I'd be scared to think of even these little bits of my life planned out. My feelings are still mixed, but I think I like having some vague direction.

Now, should I get a haircut? Shave? Have corn flakes for breakfast? Answers on a postcard. Or in the feedback form, whichever is most convenient. I need your guidance.

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Wtf (get it) is going on with the line-up page on the Latitude site, it melts my cpu... Oh and Leeds = fail. That is all. / Comment from Gill on 08 Apr 2008 at 10:06.

omg who are u going to latitude fest with because i want to drag Sarah down for the Sigur Ros saturday. (she doesnt know of my plans yet muah) / Comment from Freya on 08 Apr 2008 at 12:48.

Latitude crew is currently Me/Smiddy/Foxy/Joe/Alison.
Oh and Gill = fail. / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 08 Apr 2008 at 23:40.

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