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/me is...

It was in fact possible to make more green. I made some minor design changes whilst notblogging, and added a box to the home page saying what I'm doing in a few categories that I'll try to keep up to date. I'm fairly sure it's now too green, but I'm equally sure nobody really cares anyway.

To go with that, I fought PHP and won to produce images based on that data so I can hackishly embed it into other pages. What possessed me to write my own word-wrap code, I'm not sure, but it works:

The code generates an (admittedly inaccessible) image matching the information at the top of the home page.

I probably, no, wait, definitely watch too much telly. It doesn't really help that I found a torrent tracker recently with loads of good stuff on it.

In my defence, I'm only half-watching "I'm a Celebrity..."...

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Too green...?
*clicks rob marshall*
Blimey! / Comment from Gill on 27 Nov 2007 at 01:06.

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