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ChatZilla 0.9.79, stuff

ChatZilla 0.9.79 was released recently. It's mostly minor bug fixes, and I only contributed a few tiny patches, but I thought I'd mention it here anyway.

Releasing software without testing it at all is a bad idea. But that's exactly what I did with the ChatZilla/XULRunner package for 0.9.79. Luckily, Gijs pointed out there was an error message on startup, so I fixed the builds, actually tested, and uploaded them again. Two users got the broken builds via automatic update, then got the fixed builds within 24 hours, which made me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

0.9.79 adds support for Netscape Navigator 9, but the version on won't work. To install ChatZilla in Netscape 9, get it from

Gijs has been working on accessibility improvements to ChatZilla. This version adds some ARIA attributes to the chat output so hopefully screen readers will understand it a bit better.

Oh, and in vaguely related news, the W3C HTML WG actually published something. There's hope yet...

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