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Things I learnt whilst notblogging

  • Buying music is still somewhat worth it.
  • It was in fact possible to make more green.
  • Awesomebar is awesome.
  • People don't look at the sky enough.
  • Halloween doesn't necessarily suck.
  • Thunderbird plus Lightning is a decent calendar app.
  • I don't do much that's useful to record on a calendar.
  • Fridays are fun.
  • Thursdays are funny.
  • I probably watch too much telly.
  • Drama makes the world go round.
  • Dark chocolate KitKats are nice.
  • There might be something to this movie lark after all.
  • We're doing two maths exams in January instead of one.
  • People are idiots.
  • The Government employs people.
  • HTML is hard.
  • Drag and drop in Firefox 3 is pretty.
  • Releasing software without testing it at all is a bad idea.
  • This is one of the best xkcd comics.
  • I need kyphoplasty of my 9th thoracic vertebrae and vertebroplasty of my 8th and 10th.
  • Celebrity magazines are strange.
  • I have good teeth.
  • One sentence doesn't do most of these thoughtbits justice.

(notblog, verb, to own an inactive weblog.)

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