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What I want for my birthday.

  • A smile.
  • A handshake.
  • A hug.
  • An end to fucking pointless drama.

(Oh, and a new spine, but I doubt you'll find one of those in the shops.)

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Happy Birthday =D (theres a smile for you list) / Comment from Gill on 11 Sep 2007 at 00:32.

aHA, you obvisouly dont know the shops i go to :) we should hang out on saturday or something. sound like a plan? / Comment from Smiddy on 11 Sep 2007 at 15:26.

Very much so. :)
(The spine thing is because my appointment to see whether I get an op was supposed to be today, but since I posted it got canceled. Lame.) / Comment from Robert Marshall / [Admin] on 11 Sep 2007 at 16:04.

Well, it's not your birthday anymore, but I'll give you a smile nevertheless.
I'll enclose it in a tag so it doesn't get lost in translation:
</smile> / Comment from worms on 05 Oct 2007 at 08:59.

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