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The past few weeks, at least the parts of them where I've left the house, have been good. Figuring out my life one step at a time, and trying not to go too fast. Seen some people from school, some more than once, but hopefully that doesn't mean I'll have rumours to fight. :)

I understand a lot of people are in Leeds this weekend, hopefully they're having fun. Something or other about guitars, I'm not quite sure. ;)

Today I started on the Chemistry work we got set over the holidays. It's not too hard, and whilst there are some bits I'm pretty sure we haven't been taught, the main reason I'm struggling is that my brain is totally not functioning properly after six weeks of slacking. My hand also feels really weird 'cause it's far too long since I actually used a pen. :O

Also watched the first episode of series 2 of The IT Crowd, which was awesome. So awesome that watching somebody being pushed out of a wheelchair is now funny. :D

Got nothing planned on my calendar next week, unless you count watching telly. I've added "Stop watching Big Brother" to my todo list, which I estimate will be done... when the series ends on Friday. :|

The week after that is when school starts (on Thursday). Before that, on Monday, I'm off to the hospital for what I think is my fourth MRI, to see if anything's changed since the last one with regard to possibly maybe considering perhaps having a back operation. :S

Then, I have an appointment about my back on the 11th (yes, my birthday, woo), and I'm at Haematology on the 14th for the standard grope-and-vague-questioning routine. :/

Ooh, and the Wednesday after that is Talk Like A Pirate Day. But let's not plan too far ahead... :X

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