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Public service announcement (kinda)

If you just got one of these leaflets through your door...

...asking for old clothes and other items, giving a collection day, quoting a company registration number and saying things like 'GOD WILL REWARD FOR YOUR GOOD HEARTS'...

...and are thinking of giving clothes to "Support and Help Limited" or "Helpmates Limited", please read the leaflet carefully before you do. Then don't.

There are plenty of organisations that do stuff like this without making personal profit. They have a valid charity number, and/or a company number you can put into WebCHeck and get back a non-profit result (LBG/NSC/S.30).

(On a slightly lighter note, the collection date on both leaflets is Monday, so if they are really two competing businesses then I'm thinking there'll be a bit of a race through the streets of Beverley to pick up bags of old clothes. Maybe it's just me that finds that image amusing.)

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