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Copy Citation for Thunderbird

I was making a page for the HTML WG wiki, and one of the requirements there is that pages link to all relevant emails. Now, I couldn't think of a quick way of doing it, so I did it manually.

"There must be a better way..."

I made an extension called Copy Citation that adds a menu item to Thunderbird that copies message data in a user-defined format. Currently the format is set via a hidden pref, and there are a few other things I want to change, but I think it's okay for a public release - and hey, it's not like anyone else is really going to find it useful...

I'm both proud of and surprised by the fact that my formatting code works. If I'd been using this before, I'd have used the format " * [{id} {subject}], {}, {}". id, subject, from, and date are the properties of the message, while .name and .date are filters that strip addresses and format as a date respectively.

So, yeah. That's what I spent my spare time doing this weekend. Now is about the time when somebody pops up and points out an easier way to do it, but I enjoyed myself making this anyway. I'd forgotten how much fun Mozilla coding is, and how rewarding it is when you finally win the fight to make it work.

I plan to write another ChatZilla plugin, do a couple of ChatZilla patches, and make a small Firefox extension some time soon.

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