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Return Statement

My first lesson of the week is tomorrow morning. I had no lessons Monday morning, then Monday afternoon was a washout, then on Tuesday school was open but everybody had been told it was closed so it closed anyway. Seriously, I feel like a Year 13 student already.

Today was "UCAS Day", where we spent most of the time very slowly filling in a form on a web app with a pathological fear of the back button. All was going well, until...

Personal statement, 47 lines, plzkthx.

...okay, maybe it didn't put it exactly like that. But still, 47 lines, max 95 characters per line after word wrapping? Silliness.

5 lines would probably be too much. I really suck at writing about myself, especially if it has to be positive. Any ideas?

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Took me for ever...didnt do it in school time at all in thee end. / Comment from Gill on 28 Jun 2007 at 00:07.

I was like the last person to do mine :) i got a talking to by Mrs. Walters. It isnt too hard, just go on about numbcast, thats what i did. I also didnt do it in school time. / Comment from Smiddy on 28 Jun 2007 at 12:11.

i just made myself out to be god's gift to humanity. 29 lines i think mine is so far. just big yourself up completely and sing your own praises! (and after all the self-bigging, remember to mention how modest you are) / Comment from Sarah on 01 Jul 2007 at 23:35.

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