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This post is highly disorganised.

School restarted today, and somehow I'm right back in learning mode again. Don't know how that happened. I'm also in a pretty good mood that no one's managed to break yet.

Study leave was four weeks, ended up missing seeing people from school more than I thought I would, but if I told them that they'd probably think I was taking the piss.

Speaking of seeing people, went to Joe's house (well, garden) for a barbecue, got a tiny bit of sunburn, didn't die of food poisoning. Good to see friends there, even if they are poking fun at me for still being in school. ;)

Not everybody's going to uni, at least not straight away, and there are already plans to keep Numbcast alive. Maybe look for something next month, after the A2 exams, or just subscribe.

Brad Sucks posted a new demo track called "Tell Me Something I Don't Know", whose message I wholeheartedly endorse. Seriously, it's got a cool sound, and I'm already doing the "relating lyrics to things in my life that the artist probably never intended" thing with it.

I'm hoping I can get around to contributing to ChatZilla a bit - I haven't written a patch in ages. Problem seems to be that I have free time, but it naturally fills itself with crap like reading and writing blog posts.

Oh, and Firefox barfed on prefs.js and I had to redo all my those settings. Didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would.

All good clean fun, generally.

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