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Time Travel

Exams end. Life begins.

Earlier in the week I downloaded Chance's new single. I love it, but part of the problem I had was that I think I'd already decided to like it before I heard it.

Now that I've had the chance (no pun intended) to listen to it for a few days, I'm pretty sure I now like it for what it is. It's not full-on loud like some of Chance's other tracks, it's slower, deeper, more deliberative. I keep listening to it and hearing different bits of music and new theories for what the lyrics mean, but really I know nothing. It's fun to try, though.

I like all Chance's music because it doesn't all sound exactly the same, and I still feel like it means something even if I don't consciously know what that is. I'm pretty sure I've already said something like that on this blog, but never mind, it's still true.

Anyway, Time Travel is on and myspace/chance, and if you want to buy the mp3 it's 51p, which is ridiculously cheap. Thank the strong pound, or something.

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