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I'm back to "kind-of" revising, though 1am probably isn't the best time to be doing it. Gone back to doing my summary notes after the joy of never needing to do psychology again wore off. Nearly finished chemistry, then I'm going to print them off and try to revise away from all the lovely distractions the Internets have to offer.

Big Brother started again, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not watching it. This year brings its fair share of nutcases, who (so far) are all female (allegedly). The house itself is probably exactly how I would design it. Bath in the living room, oven in the bedroom, fridge in the garden. Utter genius.

Mozpad had a meeting today. The goal was to figure out how to figure out what the goals should be. I'm playing "wait and see" mostly, because I'm not even sure what I want, and I don't think I could really contribute much useful to the project.

I got a few responses to the [tH] hair poll, but nothing conclusive, so I think it's a decision I'll have to make myself. :/

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