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Necrophiliac Substitution

I'm impressing myself by actually revising for my exams. Though I did fulfil my time-wasting quota by adding an iCalendar file to that page.

At the moment I'm trying to condense my notes to one side of A4 per exam, glossing over the bits I find easy and explaining in detail the bits I don't actually remember being taught. (That in itself isn't surprising, it's accurate in some cases.) I've done Physics and Maths, which were handy excuses to play with OO.o Math, which is actually pretty good. It exports MathML, so I can do stuff like this:


...and likely have it fail on everyone else's computers, but that's not the point. Not that I know what the point is, but it's not that...

So I'm revising. At least I think I am, and I have the meticulously arranged bulleted list outlines to prove it. Would help if I wasn't concentrating on anything but the Psychology exam on Friday, though.

Oh, and the title is what wanted to change one of my Chemistry headings to. To be honest I'm a bit disappointed it's not a Googlewhack.

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i got the one for standard deviation. or varience, whichever o-^2 is / Comment from Smiddy on 29 May 2007 at 11:07.

Yeah, looks like anything Mozilla-based works. Opera doesn't support MathML and just shows the symbols, and IE decides to ignore it totally.
P.S. The alternative title for this post is "homoerotic fission". / Comment from Robert Marshall on 29 May 2007 at 19:02.

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