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XULRunner is dead

To me, at least.

The official statement basically means XULRunner 1.9 is going to be even less than XULRunner 1.8.0 was. With 1.8.0 there were "developer preview" binaries for 3 platforms made available. XULRunner 1.9 is going to be... wait for it... a tag in CVS.

As far as my ChatZilla packages are concerned, this means that in 18 months' time I'll still be telling people to download XULRunner 1.8.0, run a few shell commands, install ChatZilla, and make their own shortcuts. It'll probably limit the number of users, which is a shame, but I don't have the resources or the time to build my own XULRunners. It's also not really an option for me to package the app directly with XULRunner, which makes every ChatZilla build 33MB upload/webspace for me and at least 7MB download for every user, when ChatZilla itself is less than 300KB.

I know, I'm being dramatic with the title. I'm not really owed anything here, and I suppose there's still hope for a "community" effort, but I am disappointed that XULRunner won't be what I thought it could be.

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