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RdMise/0.6 TODO

I might as well put this somewhere so I don't forget.

  • Next / previous links - to be used by RdPress - done 10th November.
  • Built-in optional database access - so more than one module can use a database - needed by RdPress and RdPict - done 11th November.
  • Built-in login system - at the very least, a password entry that applies to all modules - eventually, a users database with permissions - done 12th November.
  • Better 404 error page.
  • Timezone choice.
  • More hard-coded variable fixing.
  • Degrade gracefully on database fail - done 12th November.

More to be added, suggestions welcome.

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RdPress Categories, RdMise Update

I'm still working on this. Main bits are done, I need to sort out the admin scripts, and possibly RSS feeds. Menu length limits... / Trackback from Blog on 03 Dec 2004 at 16:28.

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