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Just in case anyone cared...

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council is now in Conservative control. The council's website has a detailed record of votes, though I wouldn't be surprised if that page disappears eventually.

John Bird (Liberal Democrat), Bryan Pearson (Conservative), and Kate Gray (Independent) won the three seats available to my ward. Councillor Bird got the most votes with 1760, but the other Lib Dem candidates only got 1165 and 888. Not sure why so many people would use one vote on an incumbent party candidate, but put their other two allowed votes somewhere else, but I guess they can do what they like...

Ooh, and I just noticed, Kate Gray only kept her seat by two votes. Not that it makes any difference to the result, I just like being a number geek.

At school, Dan Thompson won the head boy vote with Alex Maraveyas as runner-up (becoming the deputy).

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