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Decisions are hard enough as it is. I suppose I shouldn't expect them to be much easier when they take the form of ticking a box on a bit of paper. I get a vote in two elections this week, and I'm not exactly sure which is more important.


Polling day for the local council elections is Thursday, and I feel like I want to vote, but I'm not sure why. I think it's partly so I can say I did, but that doesn't seem like a good reason to do anything. I don't really feel like the local government affects me much, though I admit I'm a bit short-sighted* and I'd probably be pissed off if the rubbish wasn't collected, or something...

We've got some nice glossy leaflets from candidates (and one on recycled card from the Greens), but most of the statements are either obvious ("doing the best for Beverley", "listening to you") or stuff I selfishly don't care about (car parking, evil invading high-street shops). Then there are a few independents who have no policies but say they'll listen to all input and just represent the people. A noble aim, but it requires further effort on my part to make sure my vote means something, and I'm still pretty lazy. What, an X is two pen strokes?

As far as parties go, this area is a choice between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. I know very little about the local Conservatives, except that our MP annoys me for no particular reason, and, well, they're Conservatives. So unless any of the independents manage to convince me they're organised and not just retired with nothing better to do, I'll probably vote Lib Dem. (Labour is basically non-existent, they hold 3/20 local seats and I haven't actually heard/seen anything from them.)

* Figuratively. Also literally, but that's not the point.


Tomorrow is the day for a different campaign, though. The staff and lower sixth form at Beverley Grammar School have to elect a new head boy. Well, the boys in the sixth form do. I'm still not sure whether that's sexist or not, since it is really a boys' school. (The High School has a head girl, picked by teachers.)

The current head boy is Jonathan Griffin, who was no stranger to winning popularity contests. There seem to be a lot of candidates this year, and I've no idea yet who'll have my vote, though several people seem to think they do.

The head boy does get some influence over the running of the school, but the factor I'm considering most is how they'll end up representing the school, and to some extent the sixth form. Basically I don't want the rest of the school taking the piss 'cause of who we picked, and avoiding that might require some strategic voting... ;)

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Something "the Dick" McBain seems like an A class wanker from those posters around the Sixth Form Block. I hope nobody even found him funny let along voted for him... / Comment from Adam on 02 May 2007 at 14:59.

Tomorrow in the local elections vote green, screw the moderates, viva la revolution! Oh, and that McBain guy looks "super cool" with the pint on his posters.. / Comment from Lee on 02 May 2007 at 18:11.

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