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In the time since my last post, several little things that don't justify their own post happened. Also, I was lazy.

  • Got my online banking sorted out. Third time lucky. It seems like anyone who figures out my user name can make 3 login attempts and get my account locked, which makes no sense to me. Also got a PayPal account, which is something of an Internet necessity nowadays.
  • MC Frontalot CDs arrived yesterday, and they are awesome in seventeen-and-a-half different unexplainable ways.
  • Loliserv got an upgrade to Debian Etch, which was scary even though all I was doing was lurking in an IRC channel waiting to see if it booted.
  • I got partial .mar files working for ChatZilla on XULRunner. The update-packaging scripts needed a couple of changes to work, but I've no idea if that was down to my Cygwin being broken. The biggest .mar I made between versions was about 30KB, which I'm sure I'd appreciate if I had, say, a million times the current user count.
  • As far as school goes, just under two-and-a-half weeks left to exams. And even if I hadn't already, I've definitely lost all tolerance for stuff I don't care about. Not that I'm mentioning any specific subjects like Psychology and Critical Thinking or anything.
  • Numbcast presented last weekend's Sunday Live in an effort to stop people leaving in-between bands. It kind-of worked, but most of the crowd hated us.
  • Been watching Lost. What. The Fuck.

...and probably something else I forgot that's equally inconsequential.

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