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Today* was a lot of nothing and nothing of a lot.

I finally got a proper bank account set up. Never realised money was so complicated. Okay, well, I'd guessed it would be, but until now I've been conveniently avoiding it. So now I have a current account, a mini-ISA, a web saver, and probably something else I've forgotten.

Passport, check. Bank account, check. "Mr" in front of my name everywhere, check. I think all I need to do now to feel like a real person is vote, and I'll probably get to do that next month.

I'm on Easter holiday from school, supposed to be doing homework and revising, but haven't done any work yet. Unless you count writing a todo list as work. If you ignore the days where I definitely won't do anything that makes it about half way through the holiday, so, maybe tomorrow...

I also wrote my first ChatZilla patches in quite a while, managing to break everything with a 3-line change. It's fixed now, I think I got away with it... ;)

*Using the Hixie English definition. My sleep patterns are fucked.

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