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I finally bothered to switch to Firefox 2, and it wasn't so bad. Seems I waited long enough such that nearly all the extensions I have already work - Delicious Delicacies being an exception, but one not really fixable as the Firefox 2 options no longer explain what cookies are anyway.

One thing I still can't stand, though, is the new default theme. I'm currently using Opaque to fix the washed-out icons, and some custom CSS to make the toolbar buttons, location bar, and tabs native again. It's still a bit unsightly, but much more bearable than the default setup.

I'm resisting the urge to do a "my Firefox extensions" post here, and I think I'll do so for a little bit longer. I will, however, mention that I installed the Lightning extension in Thunderbird recently, though I'm not entirely sure why. I mean, it's a nice calendar, but I don't have any events to put on it, nor any real aims for the todo list...

Oh, and I'll put this site back to normal in the morning. This style deserves a bit more of an "airing" since the site was down half the day. :|

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